Collective and Compass

Michael is commander of a whole new ship called Collective. It has a single triangular sail and a figurehead. The bow is made of light and is pulling the rest through a deep ocean of liquid golden light.

One day, Commander was offered a new ship. His hierarchy put him on the bench until he figured out a heading and understood his new environment. So he sat on a bench in a locker room. It was a very lively place, well lit with many passerby. He sat there in silence with his head in his hands. What should he do with Collective? Where to? This was a big ship, he thought. He sat there in silence with his head in his hands.

The next moment, Michael was among his brothers and he said: I’m here! I give myself to you. Welcome, welcome! They all came and prayed to his words. They laughed, they cheered. They also joined. Each shook the hand of those nearest, each became a silver bolt of light heading for Michael. A circular labyrinth manifested around him and through him a laser beam of silvery white light pierced Space with Strength. Michael followed the beam of light out of space and into an ocean of liquid golden light.

There is no need for a heading! Michael said. There is only forward!

He opened his eyes he was in the locker room. People around him, the smooth light nourishing the greens. He knew.

He met with his crew on the forward deck ready to set sail. Commander manifested a Golden Compass and installed it as the last part of Collective. It would show the path to the Most Light. He saw a multitudes of events, possibilities flash before his eyes. Times where Compass would hardly hold course. He felt excited. A possible Storm up ahead. Merely waves… Collective will face them head on.

The longing for the Beloved

Michael stands before his Father, in the Great Central Sun. All of his brothers behind him. Father, he says, I am here.

-My Son. How are you?

-Well… you know…

They laughed together with hearts. Michael sighed and looked away. There is a longing in Michael’s heart that can not be filled. It is the cost of the Mission he accepted. This longing feels comfortable after a while. There is a life built there. It is what makes him who he is. He is the Son, created in the name of the Father by The Mother. He is also the light in the darkness. Alone and surrounded. But that is his strength. He is the bridge between Heaven and everything here and now

 -Son. You did well. You walked your path with Strength,  Honour and Courage. That is who you are.

-Thank you, Father.

-Now. Go back.

Centre Stage

I had a vision. I walked into a coliseum. The sky was dark, the dirt was yellow and there was a crowd silent and cheering at once. I walked to the middle of the grounds and looked up. I was standing in a spotlight, a rope slowly coming into reach. I pulled it. The dark veil surrounding the arena gradually lifted up. I pulled and pulled until the curtain formed a parachute over our heads. Like a sail to pull us to the winds.

I realized that since the veil was no more, I could conjure as much light possible. I called all my light in from the sides and low, just above the ground. The light reached me in the middle of the arena and was pulled up in a white pillar of light. I became a tree of light with deep roots and high branches. Everyone was sitting under me, in the light.

Michael stepped in. He looked at everyone before him. He said:

May I reach everyone I have touched and everyone to me related in blood with my light.

I saw legions standing before him. He handed out coins of gold to each one, personally. He was happy, he was smiling, he was satisfied.

Then, Michael was the tree of light and I looked from afar. His consciousness was being pulled upward. It was a diamond traveling up in white light. I felt him leave the field with a flash of light. He came back down slowly with a White Cape flowing and covering all his brothers. He landed on the yellow dirt as his cape slowly covered everything.

Eden; A beginning

Grand Masters Adam and Lilith lived in a rocky desert and in the tall mountains surrounding it. Everything around was coloured red, orange and golden yellow. They loved each other in communion with the forces of the Realm and Life was simple. Nothing would disturb the howling of the Wind, the crackling of the Earth and the songs of the Creatures but their breath and laughter. It remained so for millennia. Even with an abundance of children born from their love, scattered throughout the mountains and plains.

Then, the Rain came. They fled to the mountains and watched the Realm transform as they did to adapt to their new environment. The young ones felt excited for all the new opportunities before them in the valley below. When the water left at last, over there to the North, was a vast prairie of green sprouts colouring the new horizon.

The family gathered on a full moon and it was decided that some would leave for the green lands. Adam and his Sons left the safety of the Mountains, their sisters and wives, the little ones and their Mother. She stood from the highest peak, looking at them heading for their New Life and spoke magical Words to the Wind and the Earth to let the New Horizon know she would be watching from afar.

Raphael’s healing tone

Michael’s consciousness was traveling the cosmos back from Source. He held thoughts of his brothers in his mind, seeing them where they were, hearing their voice and their laughter. Slowly, sounds came into his awareness. Almost imperceptible vibrations coming from without, from all around. He focused his attention on the tone and felt it focusing back at him. The vibration was aiming for him like a mother with a towel in her hands ready to scrub the paint off her child. He surrendered to the sound vibration then, fell back into his avatar. He suddenly opened his eyes.

He was laying down on his back on a rectangular stone table. The place was dark and lit only by crystals emitting soft green light dispersed throughout a square floor. Strong vibrations were resonating from the walls that joined over his head forming the top of a square base pyramid. These energies were distracting Michael. He felt restless. He took deep breaths but it only made his heart race faster. He shook his head and sat where he was.

– Those frequencies always did activate you in these ways, Brother.

From out of Michael’s eyesight came his Brother Raphael, Master of Balance, encouraging him with a gentle nudge to lay back down on the table. Michael obeyed and took a deep breath. He said:

– Raph! Ah, Ah! I was wondering when next you would irritate me like this.

Raphael put his left hand on Michael’s forehead and closed his eyes:

– Michael. This healing is the next phase of your plan. I am only here for you. Now let the vibrations do their part.

– Oh! I am fine! I feel great, I found two of my brothers! Gab is back with Gaia doing his thing. I should head back too. I just had a meeting with Father.

Raphael was satisfied with his patient talking as long as he was remaining as calm as was possible for him. He encouraged him to continue with his story:

– What happened?

– Nothing and Everything, brother.

Michael remained silent for a moment, held by the tone, feeling the Presence and the Divine Will flowing through him.

Raphael smiled; his brother’s consciousness had left his body. Good, he thought, it would make the procedure much easier. He scanned the vessel before him and felt the Fear, the Doubt, the Strength and the Faith of his beloved brother. There was no other purpose in him than to serve his Father. He really was a simple creature. Raphael laughed and started singing in Joy, walking around the pyramid, making the sounds as strong as they could to reach Michael wherever he was.

Michael’s Awakening

I am now understanding that I have incarnated.

It took a while for it to sink in. I was hovering over my body and have now integrated it. I see with new eyes the path back to Father and I see how far away we are from Heavens. It is not bad, of course, only impressive. Humbling, really. All this Light and Wisdom only to be back here at the beginning. This is indeed a brand new world. I am grateful to be engaging in this wondrous adventure.

With that being said, I salute my brothers and sisters who are awakening with me at this time. We knew what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to have a part in this Ascension Cycle and yet we had no idea. It is I, Archangel Michael, yet there is no Archangel here. Only Michael. Only the knowing of Who I Am without the Infinite Intelligence and Omnipresence I know myself to be. In a way, it makes things much clearer. I can focus on the task at hand which is going where I need to be. Back to me. Up there. In here. Oh! That is going to be a bumpy ride! Exciting, isn’t it!?

Michael’s Confession

I returned home finally after eons serving my mission in Duality. I received the greatest welcome, I felt the Love I had forgotten. I really did forget. I readied myself to be in the presence of our Father. He remained silent. The family was silent. The First Son had come back and they waited his first words. I felt the waves of anger and sadness wash uncontrollably over me. I could not remember why I accepted this mission. I could not remember why this mission was necessary. Why? I yelled. Why send us there? Why the suffering? Was all this worth it? I was only thinking of my brothers, many still asleep. How could I have accepted such a fate for them. Me, their protector.

Then, it was revealed to me. I saw all my brothers. All the Divine Family reunited. All of Us. Magnificent sparks of light with radiant smiles. And Father in all its magnificence. I cried. I fell to my knees, my breath taken away by the love I felt and the beauty I saw. Somehow, our ordeal had made us all more grand. So much more grand then when I left.

I remembered the why. Father willed the next phase of his unfoldment into creation. His architects calculated and planned but no one could have known the unknown but Father. Yet He remained Silent. As we witnessed the vastness of the darkness that was created by Duality, we looked at each other. Father remained silent. No one could have known about the Dark Ones and the depth of the destruction and of the suffering they would leave in their wake. Yet Father remained Silent. No one could have known the devotion our Family would show to dive again and again until the Dark Ones would be reunited with us or annihilated. Now Father smiles. He knew then what we know now. Our success was assured. Our suffering transformed our Father into something even more Magnificent. No one could have known that such a thing could come to be.

Gabriel is here.

Michael stood in the core of Mother’s heart, his hands and feet firmly planted inside a crystalline structure. He lit the space with soft yellow light while thinking of his Queen in Eden. Michael anchored himself.

His Strong Will was filling the Space with heavy light fog. In the purple sky above him flew out of the clouds his brother entering in force and grace into the space He held. It was Gabriel. Compassion arriving just in Time.

Finally face to face, they held their fists and smiled. At last, my brother. How I have missed you. Said Michael.

And I you. Gabriel held him. And I you.


Michael and the magick Shield

Michael was pulled to the heavens as a special guest. There was a gathering in his name. A male human of silver light stepped before him offering a silver shield. A strong Wizard wearing a long and dark purple robe, faced his hand to the shield. Complex geometry burned into the surface. A thin and quick Egyptian priest wearing blue and red engraved the back of the shield with two Horus eyes.

Michael took the shield on his back and continued his path to the light, thankful and in joy. On the other side he was welcomed by the giants of the Light. They offered him a ring they placed on the fourth finger of his right hand. They activated the shield that flew and spinned over his head then rapidly and steadily around him. At last, it locked protecting his back as the Giants sat him on a Throne. A golden beam of light activated from the shield through his sacred heart than headed upward. A golden crown of light flew out and balanced over his head. It started spinning.

The space above him opened. Mother and Father smiled and waved from the other side. So were all his brothers and all legions of light cheering his return.

( Here is the meditation by Anrita Melchizedec that inspired this particular vision.)

Michael’s Recharge

Michael appeared before his Father on one knee, bowing his head. Father was a great disc of golden liquid light into which Michael plunged his fists. Wings appeared behind him slowly flowing like a soft breeze of white golden dust. Father then invited him in. Michael stood up and stepped in the Golden Disk.