The Angels and I

I am an Indigo Empath/Telepath and a Starwalker. This means I travel out of body on the light highways of the Cosmos. I also receive visions from the energies surrounding me and others. I write those visions here. The subjects are varied but most of them are centered around Angels. In all humility, I offer my inspired writings to all my brothers and sisters awakening in this new Golden Age.

This is Michael, dear brothers.

I am juggling with words to transmit what our Father has shown me. Let’s start here.

I see my People handing me the baton of Power. My people who trust me to do more than expected and to lead them toward a Brighter Future .

I remember many lifetimes of guiding the wanderers to safer lands through dangerous territory. Today, I should not merely guide them. I should stand tall as a Hero with the sacred knowledge imparted to me by my Father, shining in my eyes. But as you know, I am not enchanted, by this Fate. I am exhausted by the limelight and I reject being the cause of any harm to my Divine Family, so I suppose that, if I leave them be, somewhere behind in the rear view mirror, they would be safe. Yet, Leadership continues to knock at my door at every opportunity and I continue to ignore it to my great regret.

That is of the past.

Now, I write to you dear brothers to accept the Mantle of Majesty and swear to breathe in Wisdom and breathe out Truth. Anything else is I, aspiring to Perfection in Service to You.

For I need no rest from doing the Will of God and serving you is His Will.