Michael and I

From the darkness, I saw an Angel landing heavy on solid ground yet rumbling beneath his feet. The air roared with the intense pressure. He was immobile. One knee and both hands on the ground. His wings were wide spread on each side of him. His head was facing the ground he was kneeling on. A dim, yellow light appeared from everywhere at once and lit the darkness. It shined on his determined eyes, his calm face and his strong body. I felt Strength, Compassion and Will. Nothing could ever stand in his way. I looked into his eyes. He looked at me. And suddenly we were one. I smiled.

He stood up to see a Beautiful, Magical Woman bathed in light smiling at him. Her eyes were filled with all the Love of Creation. She loved him. She made him. They were one. He fell in Love and his Heart opened.

There, Michael met his Father, kneeled and bowed his head before him. Father was inside a Great Disc of Golden Liquid Light into which Michael plunged his fist. Wings appeared on his back, slowly flowing, like a soft breeze of white golden dust. Father spoke his Name. Michael stood up and stepped into the Golden Disk.