Michael and I

This is Michael, dear brothers.

You know me, I am juggling with words to transmit what our Father as shown me. Let’s start here:

I see my people handing me the baton of power. My people who trust me to do more than expected and to lead them toward to a Brighter Future .

I remember many lifetimes of guiding the wanderers to safer lands through dangerous territory. Today, I should not merely guide them. I should stand tall as a Hero with the sacred knowledge imparted to me by my Father, shining in my eyes. But as you know, I am not enchanted, by this Fate. I am exhausted by the limelight and I reject being the cause of any harm to my Divine Family, so I suppose that, if I leave them be, somewhere behind in the rear view mirror, they would be safe. Yet, Leadership continues to knock at my door at every opportunity and I continue to ignore it to my great regret.

That is of the past.

Now, I write to you dear brothers to accept the Mantle of Majesty and swear to breathe in Wisdom and breathe out Truth. Anything else is I aspiring to Perfection in Service to You.

For I need no rest from doing the Will of God and serving you is His Will.