The Mothership Chronicles part 1

I wanted to visit the mothership for a while now.

I decided to actively meditate and reach it with my consciousness. This chronicle is the story of four of those active meditations.

I was brought into space. Straight ahead was a tunnel of epic proportions. I entered what was like an umbilical cord curving to starboard. It was clearly mechanical. The walls were rings placed beside each other made from a light green material. The inside of the tunnel was well lit with soft green-white light. It was huge. My ship was alone and tiny in the middle of that passageway. At the end was a white wall and what I would call an airlock. It opened like the petals of a daisy. It felt very organic. I entered slowly.

I was surprised by what I saw next. The ship was not what I thought. On the other side of the airlock, I was not in Space anymore. I was looking from afar at a circular tower with many layers of multicolored light standing in the middle of a black vastness. I did not understand. Then I felt a male presence. He was accompanying me on my tour. Through him, I understood this was a multi-dimensional Mothership. I felt I could move on to see more but it was enough for me. I said:

“Just let me admire this for a while”.

I looked at the brilliant colors against the black background. I stared in silence.

I was suddenly brought somewhere else. I opened my eyes with difficulty. I was lying on a bed in the Mothership, the physical version of it. I was in a square and mostly empty room made from the same light green material as the tunnel. It was dark. The door slided open by me looking at it. I stood up but couldn’t quite keep my balance. My eyes were heavy and closing.

I opened them again as I was walking down a corridor. Someone was holding my left arm and guiding me, supporting me. The corridor was narrow. I passed close by humanoid creatures with pale blue skin, big round eyes and very small jaw. They looked surprised and excited. I heard: She/He is awake! I could not keep my eyes open for much longer.

I woke up again sitting on a table in an infirmary, my face in my hands. I said: I am confused. I am tired. I don’t remember. A voice answered: Understandable.

I stood up, laid my feet upon the floor, my back facing the person with me in the med bay. I looked at my feet, I looked at my hands. They were pale white. As a reflex, I pulled my hair up and a mechanical device exited my skull, held my hair in place. I was stunned. Was I a robot? I turned slowly to look at the person with me in the room but there was fear in my heart. I didn’t really want to see. My sight changed in that moment. I saw only a dark humanoid form against a blue background. This was less scary for me. The form approached, took my hands and kissed them with kindness. I knew she looked straight into my eyes. I could feel she was happy I was awake but then I slipped out of consciousness again.

I opened my eyes, I was sitting at a table in a Hall, a meal before me. There were many tables and many people. The person from the med bay was sitting in front of me, a little to my left. I looked at my plate and said:

– “I am really not feeling like eating.”

I stood up and walked to the windows surrounding the Hall. I looked at the stars and felt a longing.

– “ Let’s go outside.” I said with a heavy heart.

She took my hand with a joyful smile and we ran through the ship in haste. I could only see the blue walls of the corridors and the staring eyes of the crewmen we passed by. She took me to the hangar. It was a huge space at the end of which was half a transparent bubble leading out to space. We ran among the vehicles to the edge of the bubble where there was a small grey utility craft. She said:

– “ This ship is always ready for your use”.

I sat at the driver seat and took it for a ride. We flew through the bubble out into space. I felt excited. I did all kinds of acrobatic figures to put the craft to the test and I loved it. It was perfect. It had a great manoeuvrability. Then I felt compelled to steer starboard and head for the dark hole in space right beside the Mothership. I know now, those are wormholes. Then, I lost consciousness again.

I opened my eyes, I was lying on a bed in the back of the small craft. I said:

– “ What happened?”

My friend was at the controls and answered:

– “ You fell out of consciousness while driving through the wormhole. We are going back to the Ship.”

I felt she was worried. I stood up and told her to wait. I asked repeatedly where we were. I looked frantically out the portholes and I saw our Galaxy. It was beautiful. We were just outside of it. It was the most beautiful view I had ever seen in my visions. The Milky Way was shining bright white. I kept that sight in my heart as I lost consciousness again.

I woke up in a bedroom sitting on a couch, a bed on my left and a door in front of me. The walls, the floor and the fabric of the couch were the same calming dark blue. The exact image of the galaxy I just saw was projected on the main walls. I felt calm and secure. In that safe place, I reached into my heart and pulled a soft blue jewel shaped like a tear. I layed it on the floor and it lighted the room with complex mandalas of white lacework. This was now my safe space, the place I would always return to.


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