Gabriel is here.

Mikaël stood in the core of Mother’s heart, his hands and feet firmly planted inside a crystalline structure. He lit the space with soft yellow light while thinking of his Queen in Eden. Mikaël anchored himself. His Strong Will was filling the Space with heavy light fog. In the purple sky above him flew out … Continue reading Gabriel is here.


Mikaël and the magick Shield

Mikaël was pulled to the heavens as a special guest. There was a gathering in his name. A male human of silver light stepped before him offering a silver shield. A strong Wizard wearing a long and dark purple robe, faced his hand to the shield. Complex geometry burned into the surface. A thin and … Continue reading Mikaël and the magick Shield

Mikaël’s Recharge

Mikaël appeared before his Father on one knee, bowing his head. Father was a great disc of golden liquid light into which Mikaël plunged his fists. Wings appeared behind him slowly flowing like a soft breeze of white golden dust. Father then invited him in. Mikaël stood up and stepped in the Golden Disk.