Mikaël and his Family

Mikaël crouched and jumped up through all roofs to reach Heaven. He landed on a terrace made of white marble attached to the side of a cliff by the sea. An orange sun was setting. He had white feathered wings. His brothers were there, six of them. They hugged, smiled, kissed their forehead. They rejoiced. All at once, they jumped high to reach the highest tower of the White Crystalline Cathedral overseeing the sea. They knelled in what seemed like a small chapel in an attic, a crystal suspended and rotating over their head. They said:

– Father.

And Father said: Son

Mikaël wished he was alone with Him. So he was. But in front of him, it was Mother who was standing, smiling. She looked human. She had brown, wavy hair and a white dress.

– You don’t call on me often. She said.

– I know. He said. I love you in a different way.

He stayed on one knee in humility and love. He took her hands to his heart. Bless me, he said. He filled up full of light. He jumped high into the blue sky, glided and admired the orange sun. He rocketed into space and saw blue Gaia in front of him. He headed for her, his six brothers with him, three on each sides. They flew in formation, leaving white light ribbons behind them. They did acrobatic figures wrapping the earth with bands of angelic light.


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