The Mothership Chronicles part 2

I woke up in my room on the ship. It was a nice dark blue. I was lying on my bed. My heart Crystal was still on the floor, lighting the room with Mandalas. I took the crystal back into my heart space. I sat on the couch and stared at the galaxy displayed on the walls. I lost myself a moment in the stars. I came back and turned my head to realize four people were sitting silently on the couch with me. I had a boost in energy, sat straight and looked at them. I said:

Do you have questions for me? The first said:

– What was it like?

I answered it was like living the same dream or nightmare every day. The second said:

– How do you feel?

I answered:

– Confused. Tired.

The third said:

– What now?

I thought I wished to be alone. The fourth must have felt it because he said:

– Let’s take you to the garden.

I accepted. We stood up, I held on to hands like a child would his parents. The door lifted open. The light on the other side blinded me for a moment. We were on a passageway running around the level. There were many levels above and below. From the passageway, I could see all levels. There were many people walking around. We took an elevator and exited in the garden. I could only see immediately around me. The rest was foggy. There was greens and blues. I felt drawn to the sound of water. I walked almost with my eyes closed. I found a small waterfall. I stepped into the water, I rested under the water fall. I stretched my arms above my head. My fingers found a cave above the small waterfall. I pulled myself up easily and sat in the water flowing down from the cave. My four companions found me and smiled. They said from the ground:

– You know exactly what you are doing.

I looked around and hiding behind a rock was a little pixie with pink wings. She jumped on my knee, walked on my hand. I smiled, I felt I was home. I felt I had put her there for safekeeping. Three others came one yellow, one green, one blue. They stood in line on my right hand. I lost consciousness again.

I woke up I was in my room still staring at the stars of the galaxy. I turned my head to see someone beside me with a strong male energy. I knew him. He was the only one I wanted to be with since I awoke. We stayed in silence both staring at the stars. I felt angry suddenly. Then I felt sad. Both very strong emotions washing over me. He held my hand and I rested my head on his shoulder. I was lost in my thoughts and confused when he said:

– Let’s go to the bridge.

I was thrilled but could not express it. I held onto him to get out of the room. I felt weak. We took the elevator way down all levels. I felt strength again by only entering the bridge. Nobody was disturbed by my presence. There were many consoles. Many crewmen attending them. I climbed the stairs to my right leading to a mezzanine overseeing the bridge. I stood there proud. I also felt overwhelmed. I fell on my knees and rested my forehead on the ground. While praying and thanking, I lost myself again in the moment. I regained consciousness I was in the same position in the same place. I felt energized. I stood up, took a good look around. I asked where we were. I was answered we were just outside the earth’s atmosphere. I could see the blue marble from where we were. I turned to speak to my male companion and said I was ready for my debriefing. He seemed surprised. We took the elevator and the door opened on a conference room where seven people sat waiting for me. I remained standing with my companion by my side. I said:

– What is my mission?

– To hold the space. It is the most crucial part of the mission.

– Have I succeeded?

– Yes.

It is hard to stay focus before a council. I cannot yet remain in that state for more than a moment. I was tired from this exercise, it was enough. I wanted to be left alone with my companion. We visited the engineering room. I only saw a fraction of it. I saw an Emerald green energy being harvested in a clear tank. Many other forms of energy were also harvested here. It all felt very stable. We left the Engineering, walked on a large passageway overlooking a training ground. There were a regiment of disciplined, strong individuals reacting as one. I said:

– Hey guys!

They shouted, raised their arms and cheered me. I was happy. I felt all the people on the ship knew me. How could I ever forget this place?


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