Mikaël’s Confession

I returned home finally after eons serving my mission in Duality. I received the greatest welcome, I felt the Love I had forgotten. I really did forget. I readied myself to be in the presence of our Father. He remained silent. The family was silent. The First Son had come back and they waited his first words. I felt the waves of anger and sadness wash uncontrollably over me. I could not remember why I accepted this mission. I could not remember why this mission was necessary. Why? I yelled. Why send us there? Why the suffering? Was all this worth it? I was only thinking of my brothers, many still asleep. How could I have accepted such a fate for them. Me, their protector.

Then, it was revealed to me. I saw all my brothers. All the Divine Family reunited. All of Us. Magnificent sparks of light with radiant smiles. And Father in all its magnificence. I cried. I fell to my knees, my breath taken away by the love I felt and the beauty I saw. Somehow, our ordeal had made us all more grand. So much more grand then when I left.

I remembered the why. Father willed the next phase of his unfoldment into creation. His architects calculated and planned but no one could have known the unknown but Father. Yet He remained Silent. As we witnessed the vastness of the darkness that was created by Duality, we looked at each other. Father remained silent. No one could have known about the Dark Ones and the depth of the destruction and of the suffering they would leave in their wake. Yet Father remained Silent. No one could have known the devotion our Family would show to dive again and again until the Dark Ones would be reunited with us or annihilated. Now Father smiles. He knew then what we know now. Our success was assured. Our suffering transformed our Father into something even more Magnificent. No one could have known that such a thing could come to be.

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