Centre Stage

I had a vision. I walked into a coliseum. The sky was dark, the dirt was yellow and there was a crowd silent and cheering at once. I walked to the middle of the grounds and looked up. I was standing in a spotlight, a rope slowly coming into reach. I pulled it. The dark veil surrounding the arena gradually lifted up. I pulled and pulled until the curtain formed a parachute over our heads. Like a sail to pull us to the winds.

I realized that since the veil was no more, I could conjure as much light possible. I called all my light in from the sides and low, just above the ground. The light reached me in the middle of the arena and was pulled up in a white pillar of light. I became a tree of light with deep roots and high branches. Everyone was sitting under me, in the light.

Mikaël stepped in. He looked at everyone before him. He said:

May I reach everyone I have touched and everyone to me related in blood with my light.

I saw legions standing before him. He handed out coins of gold to each one, personally. He was happy, he was smiling, he was satisfied.

Then, Mikaël was the tree of light and I looked from afar. His consciousness was being pulled upward. It was a diamond traveling up in white light. I felt him leave the field with a flash of light. He came back down slowly with a White Cape flowing and covering all his brothers. He landed on the yellow dirt as his cape slowly covered everything.


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