The littlest things are the hardest to accomplish sometimes.

I am Mikaël.

My mission here in this life is to find my brothers. I have found many of them. I recognize them at first glance. I leave on them my Angelic Seal of Light so that our encounter, however brief, initiates their transformation as it is planned. As I am getting closer to full awareness myself, I meet Brothers who are also getting closer to their full potential.

I met Gabriel. He surprised me as he often does, hiding in plain sight. His light is as invigorating as a fresh salty breeze from the ocean. He always has millions of souls to care for. He always thinks of them first. They are his mission.

I met Raphaël. I surprised him as I often do. His light pierces through all matter and heads straight for Truth. He is already calculating and balancing the field making everything around him volatile. He is Deconstructing and Reconstructing, making new with old.

Brothers, I know this life is demanding. I have been here since the very beginning. I have been through many Dark Nights, I know Despair and Exhaustion. I called out to our Father in Heaven for a quick Release but there is no easy way out. Getting out is not the Mission. Father asks us to be his boots on the ground. Physical Angels to act in His Name. That is the Primary Mission. The one we volunteered for.

Then, if our body is to be the Holy Vessel of our Light, we better treat it with Reverence. That is a good first mission if you, brothers, were looking for one. Let us give our Holy Vessels only Love through the Sacred Waters we give it and the intentions we set for ourselves. Let the energy flow freely and build up. Let us retreat in Nature between dawn and dusk and commune with our Mother, daily. That is a good first mission. It asks of us Discipline and Strength but gives us plenty in return.

The littlest things are the hardest to accomplish sometimes.


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