Eve’s discovery (part 3)

She stood in a straight and simple linen dress, a lock of her long blond hair glued to her face. She looked at the man next to her, sitting among the stalks, taking a huge breath. How did she get here? It came to her but the thought slipped away. Finally, she forgot. Well, there was nothing she could do about it now so she decided she would make the best of this moment.

Among the sun and the crops it felt searing hot. He needed another place to rest. She would have to find it. She jumped to see over the crops. The field was vast and held between the feet of a Blue Mountain with a snowy top and the arms of a dark and dense Forest. She decided they would head for the forest, it was closest and shade was what they needed. She took a good look around at the bend stems laying like a carpet. She figured a way to lift part of a row and lock it at angle with near-by stalks. She stepped with assurance toward where Mikael was lying on his back, his hands held together on his stomach. She knelled and started lifting and interweaving the stalks to offer him some cover.

Well. Well. Well. She said out loud. Alright now. I just pull this up like this and hold on here…there. Wait. Wait. Et voilà! I think this can work for now. She turned to Mikael with a smile but he had not moved.

Hmmm. She thought. Good! Sleep. I will be back.

She headed for the row that would lead her to the forest. If she could be strong she could get there, make sure it is safe before leading him back. She could make a path, make it easier for him. She ran down the row while she imagined the perfect resting place for them near fresh water and maybe mushrooms. She would know what would restore best his body.  She ran a long time and did not stop. There was nothing else to do. She spoke aloud at the ground and instructed it to soften and settle. She ordered the crops out of her way so her arms would move freely. Finally she could see the edge of the dense forest and a patch of land between the golden field and the mossy trees. There was a small brook running fast downhill coming from the Blue Mountain. All kinds of small animals, enjoying the fat green grass, jumped in surprise to her presence. This was perfect. White and purple flowers were blooming in the shadow of the tall and thick trees. Nuts and fruits were hanging from the branches.

She stopped and walked to the stream where she knelled and draw cold water in her hands. She drank and refreshed her face and neck. She took a deep breath and was ready to head back when cracking sounds came from the shadows of the forest making her jump as all animals near her. Her intuition felt she was not alone. Her heart was racing but her body was frozen still. She could not control her shout when more crackling sounds came from the woods.

Who is there? Show yourself, I know you are here.

She waited and saw a foot step out of the shadow and into the light where the grass was thick. A man walked out of the forest and stood before her. He wore a loincloth and paintings on his body. He rested his weight on a wooden staff. A rope was wounded across his chest and a stone knife tied to a leather strip hanged from his right hip. They looked at each other in silence. The fear left her heart slowly and she smiled at the man from the forest. He smiled back. He looked young and rugged yet his eyes were those of an sweet old man. He pointed at the sky and with his index, traced a line between the clouds and the ground. He pointed at the place where Mikael was resting.

Yes! I remember now! We fell from the sky. We landed right there in the field. She also pointed to where she came from, showing the path she had made in the golden wheat.

She turned with a smile toward the man and with surprise, saw his eyes lighting bright white, staring at her. Through her. Seeing Beyond. He stood still but for the arm holding his staff. She was immobile as well, lost in the light of the man’s eyes. He reached his staff to touch her heart and her eyes illuminated as well. They faced each other, their eyes shining white light, their bodies motionless and the staff touching them both in a moment out of time.

Adam. Eve. Said the Almighty through them. My beloved children. You have found each other. You were created with the dirt of this world that is called Eden. Honor it. You are its Guardians. I give it to you so that many more can live in your Kingdom of Love. Follow your hearts, my beloved children. Seek me there.

The voice left with the light from their eyes. They both took a deep breath as they regained the sensations from their bodies. They looked at each other and felt the bond that now existed between them. They were family now. He had found her sister. She remembered her brother.


Mikael’s discovery (part 2)

Yes, Father. 

Uriel turned his head to his brother while they stood shoulder to shoulder, pushing back the increasing numbers of souls accumulating before them. Among them, all the exploration team members, now also caught in the chaotic net spewing from the Rift and trying to force their way toward it. The Archangels were being pushed back, pulled in and loosing ground.

–  What did He say?

– I am going in. 

Without a glance to his beloved brother, Mikael turned and raced toward the Rift with all the speed and strength in him. Uriel had only time to see the streak of Mikael’s light heading into the Void and shout his name when a cataclysmic blast blew him away. Far away. Many stars passed him by as he imagined what could result of such an event and how changed his Brother and Beloved would return to him. But there was no doubt in his mind they would return.


Mikael fell. He felt the pressure of an atmosphere around him, the burning and the speed of the fall. I am crashing, he thought. He turned his attention to his surroundings. The space around him was a soft blue like a planetary sky and below were patches of greens, blues, yellows and browns. He could perceive land forms; High Mountains of black rock and a white desert laying at their feet. Still falling, he turned his gaze to his right and saw something else falling beside him, as big and as fast as him. They were both crashing. The pressure built with the speed of the fall and soon he lost hold of his consciousness.

He found himself in a dream. There was nothing but whiteness all around him. Father, he called out, Father! 


Father. I am lost. 


Yes, Father. Where is the rest of me so that I may be whole again? 


The instinctive breath he took was deep and painful, he instantly knew he had incarnated. His eyes grew wide. He felt the weight of his body lying down and an uncomfortable scratching on his back. He focused his sight on a person next to him, apparently kneeling and staring back. He could only see a blurry yellow background around them. His eyes finally settled, letting him see a woman smiling again at him. He tried to speak but no sound came out. She stood before him and helped him up, back on his shaking feet and weak legs. She held part of his weight while he accustomed himself to his new found body, looking around him and seeing they were standing in a vast wheat field where the stems had been bend in a circle. As they took slow steps, they saw more of the same golden wheat expanding in all direction. Mikael slowly slid his body down with Eve’s help, and they both sat under the burning sun, in the crop circle.

We better stay here a little. Until I get my strength back. He whispered.



Uriel’s discovery

Once upon a time, Angels exploring the darkest corners of the Cosmos were drawn to a Rift in space. It was not leading to another dimension or universe as they usually do but instead was pulling all matter through to the flip side of Creation; the Void.

Archangel Uriel and the exploration team he led could only witnessed as one of them, Uriel’s beloved partner, was swiftly swallowed by the immense pull and disappeared. Uriel felt his heart tear apart. He knew she was gone. Maybe even blinked out of existence. He ordered the team to retreat, report back to the Light House and inform Brother Mikael of their discovery. He would remain near the rift and guard it while they return with help. The team unwillingly left him behind and headed straight for the Central Sun using only the fastest routes of light. Any angel who was paying attention in that moment could see them speeding through Space and feel the urgency of their mission. So, it was no surprise when all stood aside as they reached the Light House. All were gathered, waiting to hear of their recent discovery. The team walked the middle path toward the Central Sun and Brother Mikael who stood before it with his brothers and sisters Archangels. All others watched and listened from the sides.

– « What did you find? Mikael asked

A rift, Brother. A rift between Creation and Void. » Answered the now most experienced member of the exploration team.

Mikael let the silence grow on the Family to let Father add anything to their claim. But the silence kept on growing.

– « Where is our Brother Uriel?

He stayed behind and is guarding the Rift. We lost contact with the one of us who was pulled in. »

Mikael closed his eyes and opened his heart. He focused his awareness to the web of Light connecting everything in the Universes like blood and veins in a living body. His attention was drawn to his brother’s location far out in Space. He could also see other small lights and souls being slowly pulled from their streams, coming from every direction and all heading towards Uriel’s position. He brought his attention back to the gathering and looked at the other Archangels.

– « What do you think? He asked them

Again, the silence grew on the Family.

– The situation is both interesting and dangerous. Archangel Raphaël said, breaking the silence with an even tone. In this case, Time is of the essence.

This is massively rearranging all of Creation. Answered the wise Zadkiel.

Well, said Mikael, we will face this challenge together, Brothers. I am leaving you now to join with Uriel. I am taking no more than the exploration team with me. Stay safe, Family ».

As his last word resounded at the Light House, Mikael and the team took off as fast as they could and traveled through different pathways and small shortcuts Mikael knew. In a flash, they were back near the rift witnessing a curious sight. The area around Uriel and the rift was crowded with Spirits, light creatures, angels all behaving in a strange and chaotic way. They were like moths to a flame; flying with no direction, going around in circle and smashing into each other. Some were bouncing around until they were swallowed into the rift where Mikael could not perceive their lights anymore. He felt a new strength in him.

« This is indeed changing everything. Time is of the essence, » he thought. They were looking at the chaos before them as Uriel was using his strength to keep anymore of the lights from falling into the Void but he was soon overwhelmed by the increasing numbers of new lights, souls and beings coming in, all acting in the same chaotic way upon their arrival near the rift. The team jumped into the fray and stood beside their leaders while trying to encompass all with their love and peaceful heart but nothing would calm the situation as more lights were crashing into them on their way to the rift. Mikael and Uriel were exchanging ideas while pushing the lights back and away from them.

– « It is good to see you, Brother. Uriel said as he knocked one out of the park.

You always bring me to the best fights. 

– What should we do? There is a limit to our capabilities here. I can feel the pull on my light as well. It drains me. »

As Uriel watched back at the rift for an instant, thinking of his beloved, he noticed his team members starting to argue among themselves. The chaos was gaining ground on them too.

Mikael, we are running out of time. We will all go down eventually. 

Uriel is right, Mikael thought. It was obvious they would all be pulled into the void. All of Creation would turn on itself like a glove. What are we to do, Father?





The Dimensional Well

There is a vision that presents itself when I am bathing in healing energies, when I am releasing shadow selves, when I am letting go of darkness inside me. I am at the bottom of a shaft, a well made with rings of a complex grey material. It is gigantic in size and seems like a technological wonder to me. Coming from the light above and reaching all the way down into darkness is a cable with aerial nacelle distributed regularly and traveling up along its length. I have seen versions of me being saved from the depth and being pulled into the light, sitting, standing and cheering from the platforms. I see, as I am following them, glass windows on the walls of the well and people inside cheering back. I can see confetti floating in the air. Each person that is saved, rescued is different. Men, Women, workers, artists, warriors, they all have a unique personality that they express by their attitude traveling up the cable. One sat in silence with her eyes closed. One cheered the crowd and showed his strength. One climbed the cable or under the platform and let himself hang there like a monkey. At first, I saw one being saved. Then, I saw two. Last, it was a continuous flow of platforms coming up from the depths with one passenger on each of them. All of us being pulled back home after a long but successful mission into darkness under the loving scrutiny of our Family.