Uriel’s discovery

Once upon a time, Angels exploring the darkest corners of the Cosmos were drawn to a Rift in space. It was not leading to another dimension or universe as they usually do but instead was pulling all matter through the flip side of Creation called the Void.

Archangel Uriel and the exploration team he led could only watch while one of them, Uriel’s beloved partner, Amethyst was swiftly swallowed by the rift and disappeared. Uriel felt his heart tear apart. He knew she was gone. Maybe even blinked out of existence. He ordered the team to retreat and report back to Light House to inform Archangel Mikael of their discovery. Uriel remained near the rift and guarded it while they return with help. The team unwillingly left him behind and headed straight for the Central Sun using only the fastest routes of light. Any angel who was paying attention at that moment could see them speeding through Space and know the urgency of their mission. All stood aside when they reached Light House. All were gathered, waiting to hear of their recent discovery. The team walked the middle path toward the Central Sun and Brother Mikael who stood before it with his brothers and sisters Archangels. All others watched and listened from the sides.

– “What did you find? Mikael asked

A rift, Brother. A rift between Creation and Void.” Answered the now most experienced member of the exploration team.

Mikael let the silence grow on the Family to let Father add anything to their claim. But the silence kept on growing.

– “Where is our Brother Uriel?

He stayed behind and is guarding the Rift. We lost contact with the one of us who was pulled in.”

Mikael closed his eyes and opened his heart. He focused his awareness to the web of Light connecting everything in the Universes like blood and veins in a living body. His attention was drawn to his brother’s location far out in Space. He could also see other small lights and souls being slowly pulled from their streams, coming from every direction and all heading towards Uriel’s position. He brought his attention back to the gathering and looked at the other Archangels.

– “What do you think? He asked them

Again, the silence grew on the Family.

– The situation is both interesting and dangerous. Archangel Raphaël said, breaking the silence with an even tone. In this case, Time is of the essence.

This is massively rearranging all of Creation. Answered the wise Zadkiel.

Well, said Mikael, we will face this challenge together, Brothers. I am leaving you now to join with Uriel. I am taking no more than the exploration team with me. Stay safe, Family”.

As his last word resounded at the Light House, Mikael and the team took off as fast as they could and traveled through different pathways and small shortcuts Mikael knew. In a flash, they were back near the rift witnessing a curious sight. The area around Uriel and the rift was crowded with Spirits, light creatures, angels all behaving in a strange and chaotic way. They were like moths to a flame; flying with no direction, going around in circle and smashing into each other. Some were bouncing around until they were swallowed into the rift where Mikael could not perceive their lights anymore. He felt a new strength in him.

This is indeed changing everything. Time is of the essence,” he thought. They were looking at the chaos before them as Uriel was using his strength to keep anymore of the lights from falling into the Void but he was soon overwhelmed by the increasing numbers of new lights, souls and beings coming in, all acting in the same chaotic way upon their arrival near the rift. The team jumped into the fray and stood beside their leaders while trying to encompass all with their love and peaceful heart but nothing would calm the situation as more lights were crashing into them on their way to the rift. Mikael and Uriel were exchanging ideas while pushing the lights back and away from them.

– “It is good to see you, Brother. Uriel said as he knocked one out of the park.

You always bring me to the best fights. 

– What should we do? There is a limit to our capabilities here. I can feel the pull on my light as well. It drains me.”

As Uriel watched back at the rift for an instant, thinking of his beloved, he noticed his team members starting to argue among themselves. The chaos was gaining ground on them too.

Mikael, we are running out of time. We will all go down eventually. 

Uriel is right, Mikael thought. It was obvious they would all be pulled into the void. All of Creation would turn on itself like a glove. What are we to do, Father?



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