Mikael’s discovery (part 2)

Yes, Father. 

Uriel turned his head to his brother while they stood shoulder to shoulder, pushing back the increasing numbers of souls accumulating before them. Among them, all the exploration team members, now also caught in the chaotic net spewing from the Rift and trying to force their way toward it. The Archangels were being pushed back, pulled in and loosing ground.

–  What did He say?

– I am going in. 

Without a glance to his beloved brother, Mikael turned and raced toward the Rift with all the speed and strength in him. Uriel had only time to see the streak of Mikael’s light heading into the Void and shout his name when a cataclysmic blast blew him away. Far away. Many stars passed him by as he imagined what could result of such an event and how changed his Brother and Beloved would return to him. But there was no doubt in his mind they would return.


Mikael fell. He felt the pressure of an atmosphere around him, the burning and the speed of the fall. I am crashing, he thought. He turned his attention to his surroundings. The space around him was a soft blue like a planetary sky and below were patches of greens, blues, yellows and browns. He could perceive land forms; High Mountains of black rock and a white desert laying at their feet. Still falling, he turned his gaze to his right and saw something else falling beside him, as big and as fast as him. They were both crashing. The pressure built with the speed of the fall and soon he lost hold of his consciousness.

He found himself in a dream. There was nothing but whiteness all around him. Father, he called out, Father! 


Father. I am lost. 


Yes, Father. Where is the rest of me so that I may be whole again? 


The instinctive breath he took was deep and painful, he instantly knew he had incarnated. His eyes grew wide. He felt the weight of his body lying down and an uncomfortable scratching on his back. He focused his sight on a person next to him, apparently kneeling and staring back. He could only see a blurry yellow background around them. His eyes finally settled, letting him see a woman smiling again at him. He tried to speak but no sound came out. She stood before him and helped him up, back on his shaking feet and weak legs. She held part of his weight while he accustomed himself to his new found body, looking around him and seeing they were standing in a vast wheat field where the stems had been bend in a circle. As they took slow steps, they saw more of the same golden wheat expanding in all direction. Mikael slowly slid his body down with Eve’s help, and they both sat under the burning sun, in the crop circle.

We better stay here a little. Until I get my strength back. He whispered.




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