The day of Revelation has passed.

I am Mikaël.

The day of revelation has passed.

On that day, I was nurtured by the Elders. Those magnificent and wise souls watching over us beyond the veil. They are over and above the intricate story lines we wrote for ourselves to enjoy in this universe. They stand where no story is told but watched. I could call them the Watchers. They embody the purest and most divine quality of our Father, laughter. They made me laugh. Laugh out loud! The perfect remedy to any challenging time. I felt replenished. My wings had been restored to their full glory after a trying time under the heavy solar winds.

Then, under the orange waning moon, the ritual started. I had brought offerings and met with my Brother Raphael when more Family showed up unexpectedly. We sat around the Sacred Fire to let the old die and the new be born. The new is born. It was hiding behind a dark mirror expanding left and right into infinity in the vastness of the night sky. I watched that mirror shatter in a sublime rain of silver dust. It was done. The new was born. My brother and I were sitting among our Family, blessing them, entangling their energy fields with ours and safekeeping the moment, focusing on it until it was all there was.

Raphael spoke to those present and those listening. He said:

– Brothers, Sisters, we are now in a new reality. It is done. The mirror of illusion is no more. If we see not the new before us, it is because our minds are holding on the old like a child would a blanket. Let go now of all thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations. All must go. Clear your mind. There is nothing to do. Let this new reality present itself to you in Love and Light, in all its magnificence.

I invited our Father and Mother to join us in this glorious celebration. I gave thanks to the wonderful new life being born through us on this sacred night. I reached out into the Heavens and grabbed the white marble torch burning with my beloved Blue Flame. I held it high, facing my Divine Family.  I said:

– This is a new reality being born. It is alive with the Blue Flame of Divine Will. Let it be known. This is a new reality being born. Let it be known.


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