Adam’s Discovery (part 4)

Adam stared at the Star In The Flesh standing before him. She had come from the sky. Father said she was coming. He said to seek her out. Adam left his Sons after a Great Meal among all the Tribes. He took his staff and walked the path to the East at Dawn. He has been walking the land through beauties he never imagined existed. He had a single thought. It was for his mate that stayed in the mountains with all their children.

He stared at the Star In The Flesh moving her body like it was talking to him. She even moved her face and eyes to express her speech. It worked, it seemed to him, because he understood she had left something behind and needed help getting it near the water. He smiled and put his staff on his shoulder, ready to carry on. She smiled and jumped and ran through the field.

At the end of the path was a spirit gathering. The crops were lying down in a circle. There was a man sitting under a small shelter looking at them running toward him. He was another Star In The Flesh. They glowed the same Golden Light. Father never said anything about there being two.

Adam decided to bow and lay his staff on the ground. He then sat with his legs folded, reached for his knife and made it dance in his fingers. He lifted it to the Sky and brought it down to his palm. the White Stone blade drew one drop of blood. Adam, the knife resting in both palms, offered it to the Man from the Sky. The Man laughed and observed it closely, touching it with reverence and passion.

Adam guided them out of the field and into the forest to his camp site. There was food prepared and sweet drinks. He had decorated his camp with many objects he created from what The Land had offered. Some piece he crafted way back in the desert when he started his journey with his Sons. He thought this was a good place for Stars In The Flesh to rest from their journey out of the Sky.

When the two Star Beings were settled and resting forehead to forehead lying inside the shelter, Adam, turned his back to them and headed deeper into the forest. He would observe from afar his Sister in God and what she would create with her mate. He knew it would be magnificent beyond his comprehension, he now only needed on thing; to call his Children to him.

He walked in complete silence until he found the last camp he had left. He sat and sparked a fire in the sacred circle of stones. The Flames moved with its own will. It burned nothing of the dirt under it. It turned blue for the first time as Adam starred into its gaze. He saw all the sacred fires burning in all the sacred stone circles where his Sons and Daughters were gathered. He saw her. His Mate. Lilith. They were all reunited. Every children came and sat by the blue fires, listening to Adam telling the tale of the Sister the Father gave him. He said:

– My Love. Children. A new Cycle has begun as you can see in the Fire. See it also in your Creation. Seek the New hiding there and give it attention. Make it champion. Give the New all you hold. We will learn to walk again. And we will fly once more, my Love.


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