To lay down one’s arms

I am flying over a vast plain of dry yellow grass. Mikael is standing alone in that field, looking at the horizon. I recognize his energy, it is quite familiar. It feels like it is I who is standing there. I see next, a whole legion of shadow beings calmly walking toward Mikael. He recognizes their energies. He remembers each individual. He sees himself in experiences past fighting them, imprisoning them, smiting them. He feels the strange sensation of Light pushing against Night.

There is a long silence now, in the field, in which I see their memories. I feel their sentiments. They understand the War between them is quite literally Ancient History. Mikael takes a deep breath as the tension of the silence releases. He knows all those walking the same ground as him are his brothers. He can feel Love, birthing for them, in his heart. It resonates in the field of yellow grass and embraces everyone there.

His smiles. He thinks:  this is most exciting!

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