Red Dragon and Gabriel

This story opens on a grey, industrial, and highly occult society. Buildings are tall in the city and the streets are buzzing with activity at night under the orange light of the electrical lamp posts. People are dressed in black cloths and hats. They carry piles of books in their hands as they walk in a hurry in the streets. One climbs down the stairs to the basement of a dark building sitting at a crossroad. The young man enters a bar loud with music and heavy with smoke. He takes his coat off and drops it on the nearest table. The place is full tonight and the crowd stops their movements to witness his passing through the dance floor, toward the opposite corner of the bar where he enters a dark room.

The people here have incredible minds. They acquired immense quantities of knowledge in a short period of time. They organized their society in degrees the first degree is the lowest or the less knowledgeable. While the 36° was awarded to only a handful of people in their history. But today as the young man walks into the dark room, there is a 36° in this city. He calls himself Red Dragon. His knowledge gave him the means to use creation as a personal playground. Him and his disciples were manipulating time and space and blood and were slowly digging up forces they really didn’t comprehend.

Gabriel was sitting with me and our brothers archangels in heaven, opening his heart about the Red Dragon disturbing his peace. He spent time following this, in silence and contemplation. I watched him from afar pondering and pacing. And then he suddenly knew. He flashed out of heaven and landed in a dark alley, two blocks away from the temple where the red Dragon was performing a powerful ritual that very night. He walked the streets with resolve, he knew where he was going. He was looking at the stairs going to the basement each step of the way. He studied the building, he felt the presence inside. He knew they were numerous. And powerful. So he thought he would entertain them under the moon. So he was looking very good as he dropped his coat in the crowded bar walking through and entering the ante chamber to the main room. In the darkness between two doors, he unpacked his wings and the door blew open.

The room was grand and luxurious. All sitting on golden chairs were standing up to the interruption and looking toward Gabriel. Red Dragon was in the middle of the room standing, his hands in the air, his book before him. He was a tall and large man with a red Dragon painted across his body. Gabriel walked right to him locking his eyes in his. He knew exactly what being was hiding inside the body, smiling arrogantly. But Gabriel did not give him any time to speak or to even move. In the middle of their sacred room and in front of all his disciples, Gabriel grabbed Red Dragon by the shoulders and they both disappeared into a flash of light of the subtlest blue. The silence was like butter, thick and greasy. No words were spoken after that. All ran out the exists like mice.

Gabriel brought Red Dragon on Eden. There is a desert behind the mountains where countless bones lie, that Gabriel likes to sit in silence with. He immediately sat where he stood in is favourite contemplation position while a gigantic Red Dragon was spitting fire directly at him with such rage. Nothing could affect Gabriel here. He was protected by the density of the light present in this place preventing also flight for the Dragon. No time passes here while he spits fire and stomps and walks around with nothing to do with his anger.

I go visit my brother Gabriel often, sitting with him in the desert. I like to make him smile and sometimes that is all I get.

Now the Dragon is sitting with us. He abandoned his draconic appearances and sits among us as a man. He looks young, his features are like chiselled. His face is angelic. Like a glorious statue.

Now we laugh the three of us sitting in the desert. Out loud. Gabriel stands up to our astonishment. We jump up on our feet with the same enthusiasm. My brother grabs us both by the shoulders and starts walking toward the Crystal Cathedral far to the North.

– “Brother! Are we really walking there?

– Yes. We are. Now, the training begins.”


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