I AM your brother Mikael.

I wish to express to you, my beloved family, what my consciousness has been up to during this intense 11.11 Star Gate of the year 1 of the New Golden Era.

I most enjoy traveling the Cosmos and all of Creation in Light Body. In that state, I perceive the innumerous paths the Light takes throughout Space, Time and all dimensions originating from what I call the Great Central Sun. There are smaller hubs, Central Suns or Light Houses, connected to the Source by massive seas and from them many rivers, channels, streams of light are reaching out to All that Is.

This convergence, this Light Portal or Star Gate of the 11.11 aligned countless streams together to form a superhighway of Light heading straight for the Great Central Sun. I followed it to the Nexus point between our Father, Source and Center and his beloved Son, the creator of Universes from which all Creator Beings originate. That connection point seemed to me like a Spire of White Blue crackling Energy with a broad circular base, the apex of which was the doorway to the Unqualified Love-Light-Life Source and the base being the Absolute expansion of Light’s Creation in which we live.

I noticed the Nexus Spire’s energy was strong and stable. I felt satisfied. I stayed there, my Light Body flying in spirals around the powerful tower of white-blue light. I connected my consciousness with the Consciousness sitting inside it. The Beloved Son that I Am. I found silence and stillness inside and instantly called all my Divine Family to join me. Everyone was encompassed in that dark, still point between the Father and the Son.

Then, I got bored! It is true. There is not much to do in the infinite moment of now. Father knows.

The Priestess that lives in me took over. She brought the Light Body we share back to her physical reality and recited magical words, danced with sacred movements and birthed New Earth into her reality.

We are excited to see how this transformation will manifest in physicality. We are expecting impossible things becoming possible.



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