The Wizard and the Fairy

The Wizard walked the gardens in search of inspiration. He would often come to this place when his books were recalcitrant and his equipment uncooperative. He witnessed the beauty of nature by looking at a pure white lily and asked himself :

How is this flower so exquisite? What elements came into its creation? What binds them together so? What is there that holds the forces and arrange them so perfectly?

He was pulled out of his creative mind by a sharp sting to his shin. He looked down with a frown and standing on his right foot was a guardian fairy :

You have strange questions, Master Wizard. She said in a high pitched voice. What is heavy on your mind that burdens you so?

– The Distillation of my formula did not behave in ways I expected.

– Did it explode? Said the fairy taking flight to reach his eyes.

– Not at all. The process succeeded at my first attempt.

The Wizard lost himself in his thoughts, looking away but the fairy interrupted his reflection when she let herself fall with a piercing chime toward the ground. The Master caught her as she reached the height of his knee. He looked at her, his eyes filled with inquietude :

Are you all right?

– Yes! I knew you would catch me! 

She started to walk to a military step on the palm of his hand with her arms crossed on her chest.

About that formula, she said, Are you not almost finished? You have been here a long time, you know!

Now, only the coagulation process remains. I have almost completed my task.

He smiled. He had almost completed his task. What awaited him after? The fairy appeared sitting on his nose swinging her legs rapidly and shouting :

Now you must receive Love… Your formula, your formula must receive Love. You know.

How shall I infuse Love to the formula? said the Wizard

Well, you open the door, Master Wizard!

The door? He thought. He stood up and looked around. He smelled the flower fragrances in the Air, walked bare foot in the dirt. Where is that door? he thought. And there it was. A great wooden arch, delicately carved with iron hinges and nob. He reached for the nob.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Screamed the fairy while pulling his ear?

The wizard stood straight and waited for an explanation.

You need treasure-keys to open the door to Love. You are ready to know of the first?

The wizard nodded.

A cloak of gold manifested on the grass before him.

This is the Cloak of Trust, Master Wizard. She said bowing before him. You take it. It is yours.

The wizard lifted his shoulder in joy and took the cloak between his hands. He put it on his shoulders smiling. The fairy then flew herself to his heart and jumped inside head first. He looked down, surprised to see her flying out, pulling the silver hilt of a sword.

This is the Sword of Truth, said the fairy seemingly out of breath. You take it. It is yours. 

The wizard took the sword in his fist. He took a breath. The truth, hm, I can manage. He saw, then, his True Name being carved into the blade by a White Fire.

The fairy appeared close before his eyes, her wings beating strong and slow. She pulled something round out his nose and wrapped her arms around a green stone ring.

This is the Ring of Humility. You take it. It is yours. She said, with a deep voice echoed in the garden.

He looked at it hanging in the Air held by the sparkling fairy. She waved up and down regularily so it seemed there were two rings.

The wizard kept his attention on the green stone between him and the Shining Door.

– You take it. It is yours, Master Wizard. Insisted the fairy

The wizard looked at the fairy and he could see her confidence. He looked at the ring and he took it. He knew now it was his, just has was the Love beyond the door.

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