Atlantis or the prowess of the Crystals

I remember Atlantis from a very particular perspective.

My family and I are Crystalline entities. We are at the heart of this planet but we are much more than that. We are reality. Crystals are the very first stage of material existence. Reality is crystalline. It can absorb and reflect light and create this wondrous thing called experiential existence.

I remember my pod. My family. Us, crystals grow together from each other. The consciousness is united in the Mother Pillar and is individualized in the offspring. I was one of the newest shoot but what I lacked in size, I made up for in personality. I was quite the adventurer. I dreamed of leaving the pod and exploring the Great Wilderness. I was passionate about all things strange and curious. I learned to jump my consciousness from one crystal to the next. They were not all empty, it is true! Sometimes I invited myself in another’s home and shared their views and perspectives for a moment. Some really enjoyed the company, some really did not. A crystalline life is one of contemplation and balance as we can feel the whole structure of the cosmic web, vibrating with it through its phases. It is like a lullaby that never ends. When everything works out, that is. But sometimes it does not. Sometimes the Universe explodes and swirls, and is thrown away and suddenly pulled back. We feel those too. It is a very different song. One for which there is no comparison.

In my leapfrogging, I discovered beauties hidden deep within the Earth, at the bottom of the vast Ocean and towering the world way high above the clouds. I became swelled with the knowledge of those marvels and developed the urgent need to share it. I made bigger and bigger leaps, empowered by the faith that the world was never ending and just waiting for me to discover it. I found Life. Prairies of wild blooms, Forests of tall trees, herds and swarms of living creatures roaming them. And following from a distance were the Conscious Beings. Oh, I loved those. They had a soft and nimble body sometimes tall as trees, sometimes small as mushrooms. It is true! Some had bright red hair and some had none on their oval heads. Some lived in the waters and some in the mountains but most lived near the rivers where life was plenty and colorful. But crystals are everywhere. There was always at least one of the Conscious Beings who visited and communicated with me. We would share thoughts, visions and dreams. They had a different way of thinking. There thoughts were streaming so fast compared to mine but their creativity was boundless. They were truly limitless beings. How wonderful they were to me. So I lived among them for Ages. Oh yes, Ages, until destruction rained down from the sky. Then, I found myself alone again. I remained unshattered by the song of chaos and destruction, hidden somewhere in a dark cave lit by bugs, mushrooms and microscopic plants.

But this is where the story really begins. I felt chagrined by my limitations and my, now, old memories and found comfort in the Lullaby. I had decided I had traveled enough and seen enough. Peace and Silence were soothing after the screeching sound of radical opposites. Suddenly, I was awaken by a simple vibration originating somewhere near my crystalline structure. There was a group of conscious beings all focused on me with multiple artificial devices in hands emitting a base frequency. Through their eyes, I realized I had grown during my slumber. Of course, my growing consciousness needed more space to store itself. I am a crystallized consciousness. I was not excited to see them. Their minds contained and processed more information and less feelings than the beings I had previously met. More of them came in the cave to study me with their buzzing artificial instruments. This net of white noise was permeating their lives, it was even part of them. It made me very uneasy so I chose not to interact with them and wished they would be gone. Especially when one came and broke off a shard, one of the newest shoot at my base. This is very rude and unkind, I thought. Very unkind, indeed. My structure started vibrating to that song. I purposely made it uncomfortable for them and their artificial minds to stay near me. They left in a hurry, holding their hands to their heads, taking the way back to where they came from.

But one came back. Alone and without instrument. He had wonder in his eyes. That felt good to witness. He was amazed to see me and wondered if I could be alive or even sentient. His mind was open, full of dreams. He came to visit often. He would simply sit near me and record his thoughts on a simple device. He was kind and sweet so I decided one day to answer one of his many questions. “Lorelei. My name is Lorelei.”

He jumped on the spot, wide-eyed. I thought he was funny with that look on his face. He made me smile and laugh. I had easily entered his mind and he could hear me clearly. That was a good sign. He stayed with me. Even made himself a little camp site near my base. He had so many questions, it was wonderful to be connected with another conscious being once again. After I had shared my story, he shared his. He lived in a place called Atlantis where technologies and artificial intelligence influenced the daily lives of the massive population living in tall buildings standing next to each other underground. There was different types of beings in this subcity, he said. There were those who were virgin of artificial implants, those who were implanted with devices serving multiple purposes and connecting them with the Hub; a library of collective knowledge. And there were those who were created in laboratories. He said his people could travel space and time and used crystals to power many of their instruments and crafts. But he somehow always knew they were alive and conscious. Oh, how I wish I could travel the cosmos, I said. I was so excited again with the thought of a new frontier to explore. I became the one asking a million questions and he, more serious, said: “I will find a way. I will transfer your consciousness to another container. One that would be independent from its environment. Just give some time. Then you can see for yourself.”

He broke camp and headed to the surface, back to his people and his city. He came back a new man. He was confident, and strong-willed. He had others following his orders, he had a very specific way of doing things that no one argued with. His knowledge of the crystalline entities had made him well-respected among his peers. He would often say to them: The crystals are everywhere. Can’t you see them? He trained his team to open their hearts and minds to the song of my kin. He built a laboratory specifically to study my structure and record my songs but would not interfere with me in any way. I lived a very different experience than in past eras. I enjoyed the presence of his team mates. They were all colorful and creative in a new way. I could hear the stars singing in their thoughts like the cosmos was alive inside them. Together, we built a translation device with a lovely artificial voice. We were ecstatic when it first correctly translated my thoughts out loud in the laboratory speakers. And there I stayed, nurturing a deep relationship with the team, sharing about love, life and the transforming experiences we encounter that shape us in new, unexpected ways while my sweetest friend was tirelessly searching for a way to transfer and contain my adventurous spirit.


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