The song of Atlantis (part 2)

The people of Atlantis were, how to say this…Everywhere at once. They could step into a doorway and travel to another place. To a starship, for example, in orbit around the planet, to a deep underground mining facility or to a floating station high above the clouds. They could transfer their consciousness inside a computer and research a subject in their gigantic database. They were perfecting the human-machine relationship in all aspects of their lives.

In another area of their society, they were mastering control over their specie’s genome. Cloning was their greatest obsession. They were cloning themselves so much that half their population were now clones. Essentially, when confronted with a new discovery, the Atlanteans would ask one of two questions: How can it better the human-machine relationship? Or can it be cloned?

I explored the City my cave was situated under through the eyes of my dearest friend. There were streets lighted by electrical tubes positioned at the level of their feet. Smooth buildings were standing tall all around and crowds were moving like busy bees in and out of them. It seemed to me it was always dark in the city. The Atlanteans from my research team did not mind that at all. They said they preferred a little darkness, that their sensitive equipment were working to full capacity in these conditions. But that was not the only thing disturbing to me. When my consciousness wondered around in the streets, I noticed the gray-ness. How else could I describe it? The constant buzzing of their technological devices and the clones walking around seemingly without life purpose made this world very gray to me. Truly deprived of any colors. And rhythms. The song of Life I was accustomed to was absent here. No song. Just that noise, that buzzing destroying the original frequency waves each being vibrates at. Atlantis was interfering with the song of Life. Even nullifying it.

I stopped moving my consciousness outside my crystal. I had seen enough. All I needed was the presence of my dearest friend and his loyal research team. I gave them names. Rather I sang them names. One of the female I named “Mind like roots expanding”. She was a young genius without implant and was studying the crystalline DNA. She was learning fast and changing rapidly through her discoveries. The other female was of a different type. She had a mathematical mind filled with numbers, formulas and statistics. Her implant let her travel Time via her consciousness by processing countless probabilities and exploring them at will. She questioned me about Time Crystals. I called her “Who holds one grain of sand”. The last team member was a male with a musical heart. He was the most sensitive and creative of them all. He created enjoyable music, even if it was made electronically, with divine rhythms. But most of all, he was an expert in frequency-vibrations and fluid dynamics. He was fascinated by the range of frequencies-vibrations I could produce, and was a bit jealous. It is true! We would create together new songs uniting the Atlantean creativity, the technological rhythmic wonders and the crystalline voice. I called him “the rock resisting the stream“.

But their company was not as fulfilling as was my dearest friend’s. His new implant allowed him to move his consciousness through dimensions and meet other versions of himself to exchange knowledge and experience. He was evolving the fastest and I called him “Who steps between the Void”. He studied Artificial Intelligence and created many different types. He taught them and prepared them for their specified assignments. He often left the laboratory to meet with influential people, he said, to acquire the rights to transfer my consciousness to a quantum computer. That was, according to him, the first step in creating a new container for me. He spoke on my behalf at the highest levels of his society and tried convincing them of the importance of supporting and learning from a crystalline consciousness. He faced great resistance coming from his ranking superiors who were skeptics and doubted such a procedure would benefit their society. They were relying on Quantum computers and could not risk corrupting one with a consciousness they could not control.


My dearest friend entered the empty Lab like a sudden gust of wind. He dropped his books and notes on the desk and kicked a chair toward a wall.

You are angry.

-Yes! These idiots won’t take this greatest opportunity for Artificial Intelligence advancement of the century!

I appreciate the effort.

– But I am not defeated yet.

He stood in the lab facing the glass with a view on the cave I was anchored in. He looked at my massive crystalline formation lit by spotlights among the darkness. His instruments were monitoring my frequency-vibration variations, my inner light quotient, the ambient humidity and all sorts of other parameters. He looked at the different readings without seeing them, lost in his mind.

Suddenly, the magnetic doors to the main room opened wide to let a squad of armed guards into the lab. Three men followed them in. One of them pushing a tray with a metallic sphere the size of a grapefruit laying on a mount.

-Dear Doctor. One of them said. You better not cause us any trouble. If you want your precious research to continue.

-What is the meaning of this?

-We are seizing your test subject for official government purposes. It was just approved by the Directors.

My dearest friend started being agitated. The armed guards readied their weapons in his direction.

Dearest friend. What is the meaning of this?

-Are you the one called Lorelei? Said the government representative in charge out loud.


-Then, know that we brought a state of the art quantum computer ID. U147. We are activating it now.

He gave his companions a nod. One of them used a minuscule tool on the sphere to power it. It lit up from the inside.

-We are coming inside this cave and will be smashing this crystal you inhabit to pieces in five minutes. Your only chance to survive now is to transfer your consciousness into this artifact. Do you understand me?


-You are disgusting! yelled my dearest friend. You can’t do that to her! The crystalline structure is just as precious as the consciousness inhabiting it. And, she never was in an artificial construct before. Her mind would need time to acclimate.

The man in charge gave a nod to one of the guard who contacted by radio another team standing at the ready near the entrance of the Cave. On his signal, they made their way to my crystalline structure with large, tubular, metallic instruments they were transporting two by two.

-Well, dear Doctor, we will just have to wait and see won’t we. But of course, whatever happens from now on is strictly Council business and do not concern you anymore. Escort him out.

My dearest friend went out of his mind. The anger and the rage drove him to violently attack the government representative but was quickly restrained by the guards. The man in charge pulled himself back together and gave a nod to the guard in contact with the team in the cave. They pushed a couple of switches and red lasers lit the area. It was the first time I experienced imminent death. The song of the lasers was like a wasp calling the swarm to its aid. There was nowhere I could transfer to. No crystal big enough anywhere. Atlantis was such a difficult place to consciously move through. My song was vastly different now from what it ever was. The lab’s translation device picked up on it.

Dearest friend.

-Lorelei. Said he who steps between the void. Can you perceive the quantum container?


-Can you touch it with your consciousness?


-Try it. Process on thing at a time. keep detailed logs. You will be fine.

The spherical device’s frequency was like a maelstrom pulling me in without me making any effort. I completely exited my crystalline structure and integrated the artifact. Then everything went dark, cold and silent.



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