Alternate Atlantis (part 4)

Doctor Ventel Techu discovered, when he was a young man, a massive crystal structure in the galleries underneath the Science Complex he studied and lived in. He and his study group followed a subtle but strong frequency signal with a device of their design through tunnels and caverns in an amazing chase. They stood still in awe facing the Quartz formation the size of a four-person vehicle that was the source of the signal. After being forced out of the cave by an uncomfortable vibration, Techu realized it might have been the result of the crystal consciously reacting to their presence. This made perfect sense to him and was relating to his studies of Artificial Intelligence and their distinct development. He endeavored next, through the following years, to know and understand this uncharted form of intelligence.

But he learned much more than he expected. He learned of the vastness of Consciousness and was transformed by his discoveries. Consciousness; the Creator of Realities. In an effort to exploit his own capabilities, he had a neuronal implant installed to his skull and thus was able to communicate through meditations and dreams with other versions of him, conscious in other dimensions and working on their own experiments, every variant of himself supporting the others, striving for fully conscious embodiment. It was arduous training to learn to navigate the Orthogonal Matrix of Dimensions. One simply had to make a 90 degree angle turn in any direction to change dimension once present in the matrix but it was another thing to understand it. So Techu was satisfied with only communicating with his other selves and did not feel the need to explore it further.

I’ll find you. 

These should have been his last words to the consciousness living inside the crystalline structure he had come to know as Lorelei before she was transferred to a quantum computer under threats of the Council of Directors, the high authority of the Science Corporation who provided him with labs, libraries and technologies for his research. They appeared skeptical of his work regarding the relationship between vibration, frequencies and consciousness but Doctor Ventel just realized it was only a distraction while preparing to appropriate Lorelei for the company’s purpose. They were now invading the lab monitoring the crystal.

The Council representative turned to the Quantum Computer stabilized on a mount lying on a tray. It was flashing minuscule green and yellow lights confirming the booting  sequence was underway. He gave a nod to the heavily armed security officer who ordered his men in the cave, ready with cutting laser devices, to stand down. Techu shook his head in grief as it became obvious they had lied about destroying the crystal formation and were going to take both the mineral structure and the consciousness away from him.

The guards were surrounding him. The Council thugs were getting ready to leave the premises with their prize. Doctor Ventel continued looking down standing in a seemingly defeated position while he was accessing information from his implant. The closest versions of him were experiencing the same event, reacting in similar ways. Further down the Matrix, he found an iteration in which his lab was about to be stormed by the Facility’s security and further down he could not even recognize his double’s surrounding being so different from his current one. The lab about to be invaded would have to do, he thought. He made, for the first time, the decision to fully step into the dimensions and consciously transfer his mind to that other version of him. He lost sensory data from his body, felt like he was about to fall flat on his face but instead felt himself take a sudden right turn and then another to finally abruptly open his eyes to a spinning white blur. His body instinctively took a deep breath like he had been underwater for too long. Colors and focus slowly coming back to him. He stabilized himself by holding on to the table in front of him and having a look around. He nervously jumped as the lab’s magnetic doors slammed open to let armed officers and three Council agents in with the Spherical Quantum Computer on a tray.

One of them addressed him directly, but Techu could not properly understand the words. He shook his head trying to get a grip over the traveling sickness while the representatives were pointing at him, discussing his confused state among themselves. They ordered the guards to access the cave, instructed Lorelei through the lab’s translation device to respond to their hail, completely ignoring him.

This is U147 to Implant BERGER M.I.M.O. Do you receive? 

An artificial voice resounded in Techu’s skull.

-Yes, he said out loud, a hand on his forehead. Go ahead.

This is Quantum Computer U147 working within acceptable parameters. Over. 

It suddenly dawned on him. While he was looking at the Council Agent trying to reach out to Lorelei in this dimension, she had already been transferred to a quantum state in another. Her consciousness, she, was already in the Sphere and since who knows how long. Time would not exist for her in the Quantum Field.

-YES! Doctor Ventel screamed, completely recovered from his mental confusion.

-What is it you find so exciting, dear Doctor? Said the Representative irritated not to have made contact with Lorelei yet. Or are you loosing touch with reality?

– I think you are a fool, Mr. Representative. You and the Council would not listen to the implications of my discoveries and now you have no idea what you have done.

The security squad and the agents all looked at their leader for further instructions. He stepped once forward understanding the dear doctor was obstructing them in some unknown fashion.

– You are removed from office, doctor. Arrest him!

The lights went off in the cave, the lab and the adjacent corridors before any officer could turn their heads in Techu’s direction.

Crouch and exit to the right. Said the voice in his brain.

He crouched out of reach of the guards last positions, keeping his eyes focused on the tiny green lights flashing inside the Sphere. He had not noticed before, but they were sequenced in an artistic wave pattern, a pattern he had seen to emanate from the core of the crystalline structure he studied for so long. He suddenly leaped forward, grabbed the sphere with his left hand. With his right shoulder and hand, he pushed and smashed the back of the nearest agent on the wall near the exit in a cacophony. He ran out the exit and headed for the corridors he knew so well, brushing against the walls without encountering any obstacles. He had barely stepped out of the lab when he heard the commotion behind him and the distinct sound of night vision goggles being turned on. The orders shouted were almost immediately covered by the emergency alarm system directing all personnel toward the surface and out of the complex. Red lights turned on illuminating the ways toward the stairs and exits. Techu stood up and stopped moving when doors opened and the corridor was flooded with students, teachers and staff  members heading for the staircase.

– Follow to the nearest staircase. Exit on floor…

-No. We are not leaving. Not yet. Find us a place to lay low. I have to make a call.




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