Raphael’s Discovery (part 6)

Through this Universe runs the Light Paths, Streams and Highways that the Spirit and Light beings use to travel and communicate. Eventually, those roads meet in massive crossroads and all major junctions lead to the same meeting place; the Light House.

A Great Council was in session at Light House regarding Archangel Uriel’s discovery of an unusual Rift in Space/Time and Mikael’s surprising intervention. Uriel was standing before the Bright and Morning Star; Gabriel and the Ancients of Days who administered this Universe to explore all facets of this concerning situation. Uriel’s party had returned to Lighthouse with diminished numbers and a feeling of failure after the rift had swallowed countless numbers of Spirit beings among which was Uriel’s partner; Amethyst. Mikael had joined his brothers at the event horizon and had jumped in, head first, leaving Uriel baffled as the rift had thereafter promptly collapsed on itself. This triggered a chain of events that led Uriel and his exploration team to witness the birth of a small planet right where the Rift sat. Immediately informed, Light House had issued a non-intervention policy, that Uriel enforced, until more regarding this new world was known. After Uriel’s recall of the situation before the council, the representative of the Ancients of Days stood before the assembly:

The Great Council now calls Raphael.

Raphael stepped forward, next to his brother Uriel who gave him a side look.

Raphael, your team and you were tasked to observe the evolution of the planet in question. What do you have to share with the Council?

This world evolved from a dead volcanic planet to a bountiful paradise at an accelerated rate compared to worlds similar in size and conditions. This realm seems to have its own rules outside of this Universe’s laws of physics. Both Amethyst and Mikael’s energy signatures are present in the auric field of the world and are surely impacting its development. It is my belief that the Rift is still active in some way at the heart of the planet. Conscious beings are evolving on the surface in increasingly greater numbers, the planet and its inhabitants are connected in a complex magnetic field that we are only beginning to understand.

Raphael, said one of the three Ancients of Days, would you suggest sending an Angelic Ambassador to assess the situation on the ground.

– Yes. I think it is safe to send an Emissary.

The Council members looked at each other and nodded heads in agreement. Gabriel, who had remained silent until now, stood up and addressed the assembly.

Raphael, my dear brother. The Council named you Gabriel’s Emissary to the planet spawned from the Great Void. Find our sister Amethyst and our brother Mikael and establish a way of communication with Light House. Report your assessment of the situation regarding the rift and its possible impacts on Creation and await instructions.

Uriel, brother, you will keep the blockade of the planet in operation. No intervention is allowed, except for that of Raphael, until this Council statues otherwise.

This Council is adjourned.

Raphael saluted his brothers and left Light House but not before leaving exhaustive instructions to the many research and medical teams under his command for the duration of his absence. He also prepared himself, put on his travelling garments, hooded cape and grabbed his staff. He was used to Ambassador duties and felt confident he would be able to face any challenge on the planet. Finally, he traveled to Uriel’s camp near the infamous rift.

Uriel was a leader of the brotherhood called the Cavaliers, an ancient order of knights patrolling the farthest corners of the galaxies and reporting their discoveries to the captain’s tent at Crossing. They gathered in camps they named so. This was one of those camp, the newest one but already buzzing with the excitement of thousands of Cavaliers.

Well, well, said Uriel looking at Raphael approaching, going off radar once more, ah. Quelle surprise.

Yes, and once more, I won’t be expecting any back-up from you, brother.

Uriel’s low growl echoed Raphael’s mischievous eyes and grin.

You ready? We have a shortcut to have you crash into the atmosphere in no time. Everyone is here to watch.

-…I am ready.

Uriel laughed and was echoed by the Knights behind him witnessing the two brothers awkward goodbyes. Raphael could sense the Light Lane heading straight for the planet from the Crossing close in orbit in the Astral Realm. He closed his eyes and pictured his Brother Mikael and Sister Amethyst in his mind. He transformed into his Light Body and shot out onto the light stream. A shortcut indeed. Raphael immediately felt the Fall, the heat, the flames, the pressure of his descent into the planet’s atmosphere. He felt his physical body materializing while his mind received an overwhelming number of conversations from those inhabiting this world. Focusing on the voices, he learned they were peaceful and happy. There were Joy and Love and Laughter. He felt the presence of Mikael and his heart smiled. The worst part of the descent was over, Raphael could now feel the intense wind, see the blue sky, the gray mountains on the horizon and a golden field at its feet. He flew above a dense forest close enough to smell the pines and cedars but was unexpectedly stricken by loud voices screaming in agony and pain in his mind. His flight pattern was altered. He was unstable now and heading for the ground. He estimated he was indeed crashing and would probably land in the Golden Fields ahead. He braced himself for impact but could not shake off the odd feeling of Fear and Darkness he experienced a moment ago. Then, All became Light.

Raphael came to, lying among the wheat stocks in a stifling heat. He moved his hands, and feet, turned his head and noticed his landing had created a crop circle which he was in the middle of. But he was not alone. Three riders and four horses where observing him at the edge of the circle. One of the Rider, a young man with blond hair and a stoic look in his eyes, dismounted and approached him. He extended a hand and helped Raphael stand. He untied a gourd from his leather belt and offered it to him.

I too crashed in this field.

– Mikael!

-Michael. Yes. Which one of my brothers are you?

Raphael took a deep breath, gathered his thoughts and centered himself.

I AM Raphael. I heal you. It is an honour to be in your presence again my brother.

– Indeed, it is Raph! Indeed, it is. Come! Let’s leave this heat and sit somewhere cool so we can talk.

Michael mounted his horse and showed Raphael to his. He ordered with one glance one of his escort who rode on ahead. They rode away from the Golden Fields through yellow dirt roads turning orange and red when a village appeared, the dark forest behind it. The many houses ahead were built with red bricks making it stand out from the yellow fields and the green forest encasing it. But the three riders took a left turn away from the village and toward a vast body of water. They finally dismounted near a beach where a small wooden shack was partially hidden under the branches of trees at the edge of the forest. Bells hanging from the hut where tinkering led by the cool breeze the waves carried to the beach.

Michael sat on the sand looking at the horizon while his escort remained on the road with the horses. He patted the sand to his left to invite his brother to join him. Raphael sat and they both remained silent, looking at the blue horizon until it turned orange and pink. The moon was shining bright over their heads when the first words were spoken.

There is something foul in this dense forest. Mentioned Raphael. At sunrise, I will explore it.

There are things you do not know. Let’s head for the Village. The Governor must be waiting for you by now. She will tell you everything.

The Governor?

– Yes…They call her that. They made her their leader, so you see, I am not in charge here.

– You wish!

– I am not! And it is just as it should be. I prefer it this way.

Raphael was suspicious. He made a mental note of this change in attitude and furthered his inquiry.

Who is she?

-… (Michael took a deep breath.) In my fall just like in yours, the one that I was, was split. She is that second part of who I AM. I think she got all the best of me.

Raphael started laughing out loud, tapping his brother on the shoulder while Michael smiled shyly and mildly fought back.

Who are they?

– They came from the sea in a boat so massive it was masking the sun. They touched land right here, on this beach. They knew how to make bricks from wheat stocks and mud. They built this village they named “Union”. Eve, that is my name for her, Eve helped them settle and became their leader in a matter of hours.

Raphael stood up and offered his hand to Michael. Get up, brother. It is time I meet everyone. And you have something I need.


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