Resuming Command

Michael has recently been discharged from the healing chambers and the careful supervision of the med bay personnel. He celebrated this with the Ascended Masters club where he laughed and laughed among all great man who sojourned on Earth and now enjoy the fruit of Illumination. He eventually left the Crimson Circle of Masters to join with his brother Chamuel who guided him through many diverse scenery until they entered the Great Lodge packed with members of Michael’s crew who were excited to be in his presence once more. They told stories, laughed, played games until finally Michael sat on a chair replete and happy. He closed his eyes and smiled, took a deep breath in love and light, sharing a personal moment out of time with his Father in heaven.

When he opened his eyes again, the hall was empty. A messenger was standing at attention to his left in his tidy blue uniform, all geared up.

Hi. Michael said. What can I do for you?

– You are being summoned by Command.

– Oh. Right.

He stood up and stretched while walking to the fireplace where red ashes lit the stone mantel over which was a large rectangular mirror. Michael looked into his own eyes to anchor this moment and prepare for the next, like his mother taught him. He noticed he was dressing simply for his crewmen arguing he was not on duty but it was now time to dress up for the occasion. He suddenly turned to the messenger.

I have to change.

– I have your uniform here, sir. The Scout pointed to his backpack resting at his feet.

– Ha ha, great.

All suited up, Michael left the Great Lodge and followed the messenger to the lifts. The Central Station where the lifts are located is an open indoor area filled with white lockers, long benches where travellers get ready, meet up with team members or simply wait. All are watched over by the omnipresent sunlight rays coming from a great window occupying the whole length of the space and half the height. Everything in this place is bathed in orange yellow light coming in with a 45° angle from the ceiling down. Michael and his escort walked with purpose directly for the central command transport lift. While on transit, Michael crossed his arm on his chess and brought himself back into Centre. Space and Time stabilized, the door facing him opened and he stepped into a dark purple coloured office where six Elders, three men and three women, were sitting in a line behind a rectangular table. Michael stood at attention, suddenly flooded with the knowledge of the missions and duties he had set aside.

– Ah! This is a good day to you, yes? Michael nodded to the woman in the middle. We see you are well. This warms our heart. What have you been up to?

– I have been having fun with my brothers.

– Ah! Yes! The woman said. It is good to feel the love of those whom we’ve missed. But it is also important to fulfill our duty to them for they are fulfilling theirs to us.

Michael’s fluffy mood turned to steel. The woman nodded slowly, glad to see he now understood the subject of this convocation. The man to her left spoke next.

The Commander‘s chair of your ship is empty. It has been for a while. It is now time you sit and resume command.

We can feel this is troubling you.

This is normal and we have seen it in every other commander about to resume their duties after such a long mission in the realm of duality. We are here now to again support your transition back into confident authority. You will leave this council and join with your crew immediately. Now speak. Is there something you wish to share with this Divine Council?

I am grateful this Council watches over me. It is a great comfort.

Everyone nodded, Michael turned and stepped back into the lift now taking him to his ship; the Collective.

The excitement on the bridge was palpable. Crew members were talking loudly, laughing nervously, all were standing and waiting for their Commander’s arrival. The whistle signalling the presence of an officer on deck resounded and all stood at attention as the lift doors opened to let Michael in his royal blue uniform on the bridge. Michael walked onto the main level where a dozen control stations were manned by officers in similar uniforms. All crew members remained at attention while Michael walked through the consoles, climbed the few steps leading to the command bridge overseeing operations. He sat in the Commander’s chair staring at the tall screens encircling the bridge. The beautiful, dark space was displayed, probably their current location.
At Ease.

Michael made himself comfortable moving left and right and resting his elbows on each side of him. He looked around closely to spot the  navigation, intel and resources stations.

Show me that planet at the Centre of the Universe.

With a crackling sound, a blue diagram appeared at the centre of the platform, lighting the many bridge screens with general and specific information code.

– Exactly. Thanks. Who here can help me make things happen?

– Yes, Commander. I am Jophiel. It is an honour to be in your presence, my brother. 

Michael stood up grabbed his first Officer by the shoulders and embraced him. Jophiel was joy, laughter and excitement contained in a lightning bolt. He and Michael made a very effective team.

– Ha! Joph! Good to see you!

– What’s up! Whats up! Whats up! We are doing good and ready to serve!

– Get me over the target.

– Yes Sir.

Jophiel gave a look and a change was made while Michael focused at his station. He programmed a specific frequency, his personal favorite, in the navigational tools. This frequency became vibration through the ship and through space. The Crew witnessed the finest dark blue dust gather into clouds out in space. Following the amplitude of the signal, the clouds accelerated forward and covered a large area of space with a small pale blue dot at its centre.

This is good for everyone. Let’s monitor things from here.

Michael relaxed into his seat, satisfied with himself. He let his mind wonder for a minute until he saw his brother Raphael in his mind’s eye. The Master of healing was looking at him and evaluating his awareness, testing his presence. Are you really here, Brother? He said in his presumptuous tone. The Provocation had the anticipated effect and the fire of Intention grew inside Michael until he opened his eyes yelling yes!

He still sat in his chair. He took a deep breath and centred himself in the moment, straightening his uniform. Alright, alright, Michael thought, I am here. 

Jophiel. About phase two…

– Yes sir. We have gathered a few options.

Jophiel held a device displaying information that he transferred to the Commanding Station with a simple glance. Michael opened the files to study, integrate and focus on the next phase of his mission.

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