A wizard’s first lesson

A fairy gathers a dozen wizard youngling in the forest. The leaves are emerald green in the purple light of night. The young ones crawl close to the ground packed together to have a look at the tiny shiny fairy walking on the grass.

She manifests before their eyes a Theatre in a box. The puppets are two frogs she found close by, transported with seeming difficulty and dropped in the box. The story is fascinating; she is entrancing the boys who approach closer and closer, their noses next to the scene.

Now the awaited conclusion is eminent, the fairy flies upward a couple of feet in silence. The audience stuck in time stares at her. The box shakes next in a cacophony, the wizard younglings attention return to the living puppets and their theatre in which gravity seems to be malfunctioning. The frogs explode in all directions with great force splashing red, yellow and green in the boys shocked faces.

All little wizards learn this lesson; Fairies are crazy.

The end.


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