The Eye.

The wizard takes his first step on a new path. A long and straight road in a golden field at dusk. On each side of the path, there is a cedar edge half as high as him. He walks now with confidence, looks at the orange and red sky to his right and the sun setting soon. He notices an orange snail on the cedar edge making its way like him on the path. So with each steps the wizard entertains a conversation with the little snail like they were old friends. He turns to it to receive some confirmation they were both part of this conversation when a single flame flares on the shell of the snail. The wizard is surprised and impressed. This was his first test on the path now magic was here in the form of a snail. With each steps, he wonders and questions what his companions’s purpose might be. He turns to it to receive some confirmation they were both part of this adventure when the shell itself bursts into flames. The wizard understands it’s better to keep to himself from now on.

The wizard arrives at a giant tree alone in the field. A dense Rose Garden surrounds the trunk with only a thin path leading to its hollow core. He leaves the fiery snail behind on its edge and walks inside the Grove. The yellow sky lights the dark roses growing here, each one conscious and alive. The wizard can feel the energy building in this place. He reaches the hollow tree where a staircase leads under ground. Guarding the stairs is a fairy. She is blinding white light in the shape of an orchid. She has eyes and lips and is grounded by her stem. The wizard thinks she must be under a lot of pressure in this place.

– Where are you going?

– These stairs are on my path. Tell me what is down there.

– Madness. Go away.

– Let me through, Fairy.

The fairy turns its eyes to look away. The wizard steps down the stairs.

He enters a technologically advanced rectangular room. The material its carved out of his black. There is a rectangular block as tall and as wide as him sitting in the middle of the room. Green lights appears shaped in magic runes all over the stone as he approaches. A platform holding a sphere exits the black stone block. The wizard raises his hand over it and the sphere reacts to his power. Rotating the sphere lets the wizard see through the eyes of others. So he looks and looks. He looks and looks again until he feels a powerful shock to his head. He looks down to the stone sphere that now feels like an ocular globe, spinning. It stops and stares at the wizard who looses consciousness. He hears in the distance; we’re closed!

When he opens is eyes again, he is caught in a net being dragged between the Cedar edge back to where he started. The tiny thing pulling him is the fiery snail turned pixie with a rope on his shoulder. He looks like he is going to the market. The wizard does not say a word. He pulls his notes and starts writing.


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