The Axe has fallen

I am Michael. I am Commander of the ship Collective. I admit I only recently stepped onto the Bridge but I have been working since on creating optimal conditions for clear transmissions and good moral for all. Before I decided to sit in the Captain’s Chair, I studied and experimented with the many different mechanism of my ship and many other ships. I have experience in adapting fast to new conditions the Engines, the personal quarters, the labs and cargo bays. Sometimes, to change a part, to move it and replace it, I have to cut. Sometimes, I stand on the exterior hall and stare in space as a dead, outdated part is separated from my ship and floats into space for a new life. Today, It was nothing like that.

The part of this ship that is the oldest is also the heaviest. It is Old Technology made by the oldest brothers I have in this Universe when only them had survived the harsh conditions of the beginning of Time and Space. Since that period, we accumulated many modules and technologies from all corners of the Sector. Each has its particularities and now is the Time to choose the best parts, adapt the ship as a whole to its new environmental condition that is; increasing light.

The separation from that massive part of the ship that is frankly, dead weight, is on the Generals Council’s agenda. The Decision to separate is an obvious one but even as I am preparing to cut that rusty old bucket off my Ship, I hear debates. I pay attention. They say it represents parts of us. They say it is unkind to those who built it. But it is dead, I reply. Do you see? I respect my Brothers who built it, all the while I claim their time has passed.

They debated up to the last second then I activated the Laser and made it quick. The old Rusty Bucket dissolved into space dust in an instant. Just what I thought. Collective was holding it together. No more.

The axe has fallen.


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