Red Star. Iron Core.

There is blood in the air. That is my best assessment of the energies stationary overhead. I feel a moon size iron sphere swinging-by real close. At the Chapel where I heal, there is a wooden statue of Christ. He stands his arms wide open, his white robe forming the cross. He has great brown hair and beard. He has a cloak of red meat about to drop heavily on the ground. Below him, carved in wood, two cornucopia (maybe shaped like organs, i still wonder), containing his red blood.

I also had a vision about the way of the night. I was reading through a briefing and deciding to separate definitively from a part of me, a part of my Ship. It was a thrilling decision but it was clear; Yes. Let it fly.

Immediately, there was strong debate in my Soul’s Court about that rusty old bucket I was dragging along. Thought provoking arguments were made, some left me floating for a moment. Define the rights of the Dark Aspects we keep.

“I accept all my brothers as they are yet, their methods appal me. I accept their existence yet, not on my ship. “

“Can we erase something outdated? Can we only archive?”

Anyway, while the debate was going on upstairs, I collected all data we had on the rusty old bucket we were dragging along and compiled it neatly. The final decision came to me and I hit the button. Good luck. A Green Laser came side rail, rid me of that heavy and cumbersome structure. And then, a massive cloud of red dust. 

There was nothing there.

A big fuss and nothing there. Just dust. Red Dust. 

Silly me, I thought.


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