Captain’s Log 1313.115.1336

I have been sitting in the Commander’s Chair for a while now it seems and its pretty boring. Yes. Pretty boring. Not a job I would recommend. I do not enjoy being a leader, my brothers know that. I have rejected the position for as long as I remember. Leadership falls upon you and you do not ask for it. It asks of you. Well, now that I am in Command of this Ship called Collective, I do my best to support the Crew. My first orders where about our overhaul stability in the Cosmic streams. I shape-shift the ship and its electromagnetic components like the Shields to adapt to ambient field and utilize it as resource for speed or anything else I think of.  We have been through many waves, some massively impressive coming to us from our 6. We were pushed and then dropped with the falls ahead. We took on a great speed and now we are just slowly going downstream in what seems like a calm river.

My duties now are to make sure everyone is happy. pffff… That is a tough job. Tougher then navigating the tempestuous cosmic seas. My brothers and sisters in the pods downstairs are waking up. The crew is getting creative. Essentially, it’s getting busy in here. I prefer when people are struck silent by the tension of a life and death situation not when people are chatting all day long, creating endlessly new ways of doing things. But I am all grown up now so I smile and do my best to support and encourage. I must be one very cute cheerleader.



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