Building Union (part 5)

I am sharing this with you my dear brothers from the silver shores of this virgin world. I call it Eden. Father whispered the name to me. I do not remember much of how I got here or where I come from but my heart remembers you, my dear brothers. I remember falling and landing beside another being; a beautiful jewel, a singing Bird curious and joyful. Her name is Eve. She is unstoppable, incredibly energetic. She walks this world all day, discovers its fauna, its flora and transforms all she finds into something useful. She found this place where we camp at the edge of the fruitful forest, the rich golden fields and the silver beaches near an endless ocean. In this place we are abundant. She moves around followed by her curious creature friends cooking us delicious foods from the forest or the water, making jewels from the shells, learning about the use of local plants. She made me these parchments and this ink I can write you with. I have to admit I have not been the best of partners. At first, I built us a shelter at the edge of the forest with a view on the crashing waves. Now I mostly sit and look at the horizon in silence. As the days and nights go by I realize something is missing. I miss the brothers I don’t remember. Somehow, with all these beauties surrounding me and the joy I experience being with Eve, I realize a part of me is missing yet it is dancing and singing and stringing pearls next to me.

One day, I was up before the dawn and ready to leave on my own expedition. If I was going to be here longer, better I learned more about this world. I planned on going north past the golden fields toward the tall, grey, snowy mountains. I said goodbye to the Princess. I call her that because it is clear to me that she is royalty. She cares for the welfare of everyone and everything she comes in contact with. She smiles when I call her that.

I walked North on the beach to avoid the heat of the Golden fields. It’s becoming more rocky as I lose sight of the forest and the camp. I climbed the cliff back to the land when the beach became a sharp, rocky field at the feet of an increasingly abrupt cliff where violent waves came crashing. I sat there by the cliff and slept I think, lulled into unconsciousness by the song of the water. It was night when I opened my eyes again. The moon was full overhead and the land was lit by blue light. I could see as clearly as if it was day. I sat and next to me was a tall and magnificent black bird of prey. It was eating fishes and sometimes stopping to look at me. It made me feel alive. I felt more happy than I felt since I got here. This presence was familiar. When it was finished with its dinner, it spread its wings and jump off the cliff. I stood up as I saw it soaring up high above me and heading, like I, for the mountain’s peak. I walked and climbed without rest. This place was immensely peaceful and silent. There was no plants, no creatures just bare rocks whispering among themselves and with the wind who was King up there. I reached the summit by the end of the next day. I sat smiling and satisfied at last, like I had found myself again. My hunter friend was circling overhead and finally landed near me. He had followed me in my ascend, guiding me and encouraging me with its cry. Now we were together again though I wish I had also wings to soar above this world in his company. From my perch, I could see the golden fields, the dense forest, a vast plain and black mountains much farther south. The ocean is lying east from these mountains to those mountains with a short portion of the coast being my comfortable beach. I did not see any sign of a civilization. Although I thought I saw small lights flickering on those dark black mountains on the other side of the world. I decided I was going to spend a couple of days and hoped to see my Father; I had some questions to ask him.

The moon turned black when I lit a fire on the last night I would spend on this peak. The feeling of fulfillment had passed and I was thinking about being with Eve again. On that night I saw a somewhat familiar face in the flames. It was not my Father but his eyes were also old and wise. He called me the man from the stars. He told me he lived on this world before the fields grew, before the forest grew, when all was barren rocks and lava. He told me of his mate and their numerous children and about the power they hold and are sharing with us through the land. He said he already met the woman from the stars he called his sister. He said that she would build this world into a Paradise and that I was to support her, protect and defend her creation. I do not remember falling asleep that night, only that I was standing at the edge at daybreak staring at an incredibly massive wooden boat in the distance heading for our beach.

I got really excited about this new development of my adventure. I climbed down the mountain much faster than I climbed up. I think I ran most of the way in a straight line through the searing heat of the golden fields to the edge of the forest. I stood near the beach just out of sight to have a good look at what was happening. By the time I got there, people were gathered on the beach. Hundreds of people. And animals. Eve was radiating joy in helping organizing new settlements for the travelers. We all would share the beach for a time until the Elders among their people would agree on a site to build their village, they said. I joined them at dusk when many fires were lit and people settled in, lying everywhere on the beach. There was a circle of Elders around a bonfire with Eve among them. I walked toward her, from behind so the Elders would see me first. I guess I had a straight face maybe a little intimidating because I felt some of them were scared by my presence. Eve looked back straight into my eyes and I smiled. I touched her shoulder and stood there by her side. They were just telling her about their skills at building houses. They were saying they knew how to make mud into bricks and bricks into walls. They were all very excited and were already talking about how great this village would be.

I did not stay with the Elders very long that night, I do not enjoy politics as Eve seems to be. I walked among the groups and listened. They had instruments and were playing beautiful music. Children were singing with their mothers and sisters. They were all family. They were weaving and braiding colourful cloth and playing dice or cards. I could feel they were very relieved to be here. I could feel it costed them much. I only know they escaped the heavy rains that covered their land until nothing was left but the Sea. And so the next day began the search for the perfect site for the village. The Elders were very impressed with the golden fields and the forest and the search only took a few hours. The Elders agreed, as Eve and I did, that the village would be built between the forest’s shadow and the bountiful fields. They started working immediately. The men started digging the ground, deep in a circle. The women brought water buckets they emptied in the well until it became a muddy hole where some would stand with mud up to their knees, filling buckets with it, that the others would pull up, mix with straw from the fields and moulded in wooden caskets. The heat dried the red bricks until there was enough for them to build an oven. Days and nights passed with people working on building bricks, cooking them in the oven and building the foundations for their village. I cut wheat to help and filled the buckets with mud down the hole but I did not speak much with our new neighbours. I almost missed the silence. Until one day there was enough houses for the first families to move in. Then streets were built and then new districts until everyone had a house. I did not see much of Eve during the construction. She was involved with the plans, the management and the administration of this project. She became an Elder among them. Just like that.

Finally, there was not much left to do and the beach was mine again. I would share it from time to time with young men fishing and children running around. One day, before dusk, the Elders gathered by the beach and invited me to follow them. Them and Eve lead me into the forest where they had built an Arch from the keel of their boat in commemoration of all that they had left behind. They each in turn drew faces and wrote names with muddy ink in a solemn ceremony lit by torches. Eve and I stood silent holding hands knowing this was also a funeral for those they had lost. When all Elders were ready, we left the cover of the trees in an official visit of Union, that is what they had called their new village. Everyone was waving at me from their Windows or standing in their doorway. There was flowers growing on the side of the streets, they had done incredible work. The more I walked through the village, the more the buildings became complex and artistic. The crowd stopped at the end of a street to a circular common area, a public place where more people were gathered around a beautiful house bigger than the others. They called it the Governor’s House. Eve then took my hand with a shining smile and pulled me forward out of the crowd and closer to the house. She said it was ours. She said they had built it for us with all the knowledge and experience they gained from building the rest. She said it was their masterpiece. It was. I felt humbled and thought of my camp by the beach. I looked at the crowd and at the Elders, waved and smiled. I shouted: “Thank you, I am honoured. Long live Union, long live your people.” The crowd went wild and threw flower petals in the air. A great celebration started that night and lasted three days and three nights under the Bright Sun and the Full Moon. Eve pulled me closer and whispered that it was our people now. We did not partake in the village celebrations. We stayed in to discover all parts of our new home, of our new life.

Told by Michael



I AM your brother Mikael.

I wish to express to you, my beloved family, what my consciousness has been up to during this intense 11.11 Star Gate of the year 1 of the New Golden Era.

I most enjoy traveling the Cosmos and all of Creation in Light Body. In that state, I perceive the innumerous paths the Light takes throughout Space, Time and all dimensions originating from what I call the Great Central Sun. There are smaller hubs, Central Suns or Light Houses, connected to the Source by massive seas and from them many rivers, channels, streams of light are reaching out to All that Is.

This convergence, this Light Portal or Star Gate of the 11.11 aligned countless streams together to form a superhighway of Light heading straight for the Great Central Sun. I followed it to the Nexus point between our Father, Source and Center and his beloved Son, the creator of Universes from which all Creator Beings originate. That connection point seemed to me like a Spire of White Blue crackling Energy with a broad circular base, the apex of which was the doorway to the Unqualified Love-Light-Life Source and the base being the Absolute expansion of Light’s Creation in which we live.

I noticed the Nexus Spire’s energy was strong and stable. I felt satisfied. I stayed there, my Light Body flying in spirals around the powerful tower of white-blue light. I connected my consciousness with the Consciousness sitting inside it. The Beloved Son that I Am. I found silence and stillness inside and instantly called all my Divine Family to join me. Everyone was encompassed in that dark, still point between the Father and the Son.

Then, I got bored! It is true. There is not much to do in the infinite moment of now. Father knows.

The Priestess that lives in me took over. She brought the Light Body we share back to her physical reality and recited magical words, danced with sacred movements and birthed New Earth into her reality.

We are excited to see how this transformation will manifest in physicality. We are expecting impossible things becoming possible.


Brother Chamuel

Mikael is laughing out loud and crying of joy. He sits on a comfortable couch among all ascended Masters. They laugh together and look into each others eyes. The moment lasts an eternity yet in an instant it was over. Mikael feels it is time to step out the door. He takes a deep breath and steps through, leaving the couch and the laughing ascended Masters behind. He looks forward to find his brother Chamuel. It has been so long since they were together. What a joy, indeed!

– Brother!

– I heard you were out of the healing chambers. I came to see you. You look good!

– Thank you brother. Thank you.

Mikael became silent, his eyes lost for a moment. Chamuel puts a hand on his shoulder and receives a shy smile. Chamuel says:

– Come. Let’s go see the crew. They all miss you.

Mikael shakes his head in enthusiasm and follows Chamuel.

He knows the ship. Chamuell knows everyone and every place. He guides his brother Mikael through the most peaceful paths to an Inn that seems warm and cozy. He guides his brother through the great Hall where a massive fire is burning. The round tables are all empty and preparations are being made to welcome many. They walk up the stairs toward a comfortable room of golden wood and red drapes. A smaller fire is also burning, a comfortable captain’s chair facing it. They close the door behind them and Mikael takes a deep breath. He throws himself on the bed. He takes another long loud breath. Chamuel opens the drawers, the closets, all the lights and pours a big glass of water on the nightstand next to his brother.

– Here. Drink this. Then, you will decide how you want to look to meet the crew.

– Ah Man! Meet the crew? Mikael takes a moment to think. I just feel like staying in my pyjamas tonight.

He sits on the bed, reach for and drinks all the water in the glass. He puts it on the table as he stands. He searches around for a mirror, takes a good look at himself and smiles.

– Alright. I will come down as soon as I am ready. Go get them. I need a moment.

– Of course brother. As always.

Outside the room there is a continuous flow of crewmen attending their duties with excitement and efficiency. Chamuel smiles thinking this is perfect as he closes the door behind him. He would have everyone sitting here in no time, ready to drink a pint and sing a song with their Captain.

Mikael remains standing in silence in front of the mirror. He is still just waking up, he felt. He decides to wear a blue suit but no uniform. He was off duty. He smiles and directs his gaze upon the water on the nightstand. He walks and spreads his wings on his way. He shakes them. He stretches them left and right. He finally points them up to the subtle yellow light stream permanently above him. He kneels before the water in the crystal glass. He is grateful and humble. He takes deep breaths, thanking Father and Mother for the great gift they bestowed upon him. He stands and raises the glass to the heavens, salutes all his brothers everywhere and cheers. He drinks the water and the strength to turn about and open the door leading him to his crew.

There is a crowd on the other side of the door. The great Hall is full and loud. There is excitement, joy, trepidation here that spreads. Groups are laughing and singing all around. They are already engaged in a fun night at the Inn. His presence is noticed but not emphasized. Mikael looks at his brother Chamuel and together they walk down the stairs and sit at the stools, one elbow on the counter. Chamuel moves closer to speak in a lesser tone, but everyone is definitely listening.

– So brother, do you bring us instructions?

– I have no instructions. I am just glad to be here.

All I have been doing is to search for my brothers and today I have found you. And you brought me here to my crew.

Now everyone is listening in silence.

– Well, I guess I have some new stories to tell. But I would much rather hear yours tonight. Tell me something about my brother here. Tell me something about Chamuel. Tell me about the rings.

The Crew remains silent for a moment. The joy is palpable. Everyone wants to hear about the rings. Chamuel stands and walks the room in silence but stares into all eyes.

– I will tell you about the ring. This is a good time.

It was a long time ago when we were living life together on Eden. I was serving my captain, stationed in the White Cathedral, overseeing all activities relating to missions and tactical operations. One day, I had to walk to the Great Library. On the way there, I saw crystal pedestals lined up, each one holding a precious artifact kept by the Queen. I stopped right as I was stepping in front of a stand where two massive silver rings were lying on a blue velvet. I rested my hands on the glass and stared. Who knows how long.

The two rings showed me a high black mountain covered with snow. There was a cavern and precise but crude tools laying around on a massive stone altar. There was no one there. It was Mikael who disturbed my attention shaking my shoulder with his fist, smiling. He said:

– “Are you getting married, brother!?

– Why would you say that?

– Those are infinity rings. They were made by the most talented Creator in all of us. Your King.

– Yes. Tell me about him. King Adam. He is our Queen’s Beloved Brother.

– Yes. He is the first being living upon this world. I know he has a tribe. I know his Children are numerous. They live in clans, their lives revolves around creating art revealing the beauties of the grounds and cultivating the Fire. It is the source of their power. Adam is father to all of them. He is brother to me. The Queen sees her brother like he sees his art; as a precious jewel.

So who knows when or where, or how these precious artifacts were created. But it is a certainty that they are imbued with intelligence and wisdom.

– So what about the wedding?

– What wedding?”

And he walked on, going away from the great library.

The crew gathered in the Inn laughed in unison with their captain. Chamuel looks at them and let the silence build in the room. Finally Michael who could not hold his excitement any longer asks with disbelief:

– Is that it?

– Yes.

– What?!

Mikael grabs a loaf of bread the size of his hand that was perfectly within reach and throws it to his brother to the middle of his chest. Chamuel is stunned for a moment. He sees Mikael laughing in front of him. That guy thinks he’s so funny, he thought. Chamuel starts laughing out loud with one deep breath then grabs a loaf of bread and throws it right to Mikael’s forehead. The excitement grows inside the Inn and ensues a general bread fight. Under a rain of bread loafs flying in all directions, Mikael and Chamuel walk among the crew, shaking hands and tapping shoulders.

Rise of the Princess.

I have talked about a vertical tube made of some kind of metallic dense material I have seen in my astral travels. The surface is not even, there are cables and balconies everywhere on the surface. Down the bottom is very dark and everyone on the upper levels, bathing in the light, are working to pull people out of the dimensional well. I have seen my lifetimes and personalities be raised on a cable, a small lift or a platform. They would all react in unique ways to their rescue. Some would jump in joy and do some acrobatics. One would sit and moan and kick and raise their arms to the light. There are so many more. Some came in groups. Many grabbed someone and pulled another in, by their own intention.

So I started sending my own people up the dimensional well. People I would hear or see that needed the boost. It accelerated the process until it was a stream of small shuttles like elevators going up and up the tube. Then, a little girl was sitting on the platform with her legs swinging and holding a red balloon. People are cheering on the balconies of the dimensional well. There’s been more and more people watching the elevators go by. Now there is confetti falling like snow landing on everyone. After she got out, the dimensional well was closed, sealed. I thought that was it.

The next moment, pressure was building up and it blew the lid and the well inside out.

Now, there is no well. Only balconies holding crowds lying all around like the leaves of a tree. I see only white arched rectangular balconies and dark silhouettes packed shoulder to shoulder. The little girl now is the Princess. She is an infant gracious form shining silver and white. The energy in her moves to produce in her hand un bouquet de fleurs. Below is flying, in her direction, what seems to me like an artificial intelligence, a drone with a grip heading precisely for the flowers almost falling off her hand, retrieves it carefully while the Princess’s platform flies high into the light.

I am in a mood.

I am in a mood, as my dear teacher Adamus would say.

I fear. It is such a sticky presence; fear.

It won’t leave me ignoring it. It has many friends, all as unpleasant. There is regret. This one is the worst!

My superpower is to know what my next move should be. I can clearly hear instructions about the immediate action to take. And yet and yet, sometimes, I don’t follow it. Usually because I just do the opposite. And today even after a long time is past since I acted in that way, I still can feel the regret.

It is as though this reality I created through my action was not the one I wanted. I want to go back and change it. I create in my mind a place where I did differently. Where I did instead of did not.

My dear teacher Kryon says that some of us are Contradictarians. He says that’s perfect. That it led us here. So I guess that, when I do something that is chaotic in appearance, it must mean there is a part of me that sees potential there. I would love to say great potential because I can feel the great force that is pushing me forward.

Red Dragon and Gabriel

This story opens on a grey, industrial, and highly occult society. Buildings are tall in the city and the streets are buzzing with activity at night under the orange light of the electrical lamp posts. People are dressed in black cloths and hats. They carry piles of books in their hands as they walk in a hurry in the streets. One climbs down the stairs to the basement of a dark building sitting at a crossroad. The young man enters a bar loud with music and heavy with smoke. He takes his coat off and drops it on the nearest table. The place is full tonight and the crowd stops their movements to witness his passing through the dance floor, toward the opposite corner of the bar where he enters a dark room.

The people here have incredible minds. They acquired immense quantities of knowledge in a short period of time. They organized their society in degrees the first degree is the lowest or the less knowledgeable. While the 36° was awarded to only a handful of people in their history. But today as the young man walks into the dark room, there is a 36° in this city. He calls himself Red Dragon. His knowledge gave him the means to use creation as a personal playground. Him and his disciples were manipulating time and space and blood and were slowly digging up forces they really didn’t comprehend.

Gabriel was sitting with me and our brothers archangels in heaven, opening his heart about the Red Dragon disturbing his peace. He spent time following this, in silence and contemplation. I watched him from afar pondering and pacing. And then he suddenly knew. He flashed out of heaven and landed in a dark alley, two blocks away from the temple where the red Dragon was performing a powerful ritual that very night. He walked the streets with resolve, he knew where he was going. He was looking at the stairs going to the basement each step of the way. He studied the building, he felt the presence inside. He knew they were numerous. And powerful. So he thought he would entertain them under the moon. So he was looking very good as he dropped his coat in the crowded bar walking through and entering the ante chamber to the main room. In the darkness between two doors, he unpacked his wings and the door blew open.

The room was grand and luxurious. All sitting on golden chairs were standing up to the interruption and looking toward Gabriel. Red Dragon was in the middle of the room standing, his hands in the air, his book before him. He was a tall and large man with a red Dragon painted across his body. Gabriel walked right to him locking his eyes in his. He knew exactly what being was hiding inside the body, smiling arrogantly. But Gabriel did not give him any time to speak or to even move. In the middle of their sacred room and in front of all his disciples, Gabriel grabbed Red Dragon by the shoulders and they both disappeared into a flash of light of the subtlest blue. The silence was like butter, thick and greasy. No words were spoken after that. All ran out the exists like mice.

Gabriel brought Red Dragon on Eden. There is a desert behind the mountains where countless bones lie, that Gabriel likes to sit in silence with. He immediately sat where he stood in is favourite contemplation position while a gigantic Red Dragon was spitting fire directly at him with such rage. Nothing could affect Gabriel here. He was protected by the density of the light present in this place preventing also flight for the Dragon. No time passes here while he spits fire and stomps and walks around with nothing to do with his anger.

I go visit my brother Gabriel often, sitting with him in the desert. I like to make him smile and sometimes that is all I get.

Now the Dragon is sitting with us. He abandoned his draconic appearances and sits among us as a man. He looks young, his features are like chiselled. His face is angelic. Like a glorious statue.

Now we laugh the three of us sitting in the desert. Out loud. Gabriel stands up to our astonishment. We jump up on our feet with the same enthusiasm. My brother grabs us both by the shoulders and starts walking toward the Crystal Cathedral far to the North.

– “Brother! Are we really walking there?

– Yes. We are. Now, the training begins.”

The ship I now command

Commander opens his eyes to the bluish white light coming from the arched window covering the length of the locker room. This place lies between the crossroads and the gates, welcomes a uninterrupted flow of souls getting ready for their adventures. He sits among the rows of silver, rectangular lockers, alone on a bench, holding is head in his hands; taking a deep breath. He remembers only a glimpse of his meeting with the superior circle of authority. He remembers clearly receiving the command of the ship called Collective. They said: you decide.

He sits on the bench holding his head thinking of a heading. Where to? He chooses instead to punch it, like he is used to, and see what happens. He is used to the streams of light. He can adapt and transform the ship he maneuvers with his consciousness. All streams are different. Some are the softest breeze of down spiraling soft white light. Some are orange and black laser beam heading straight through space. Some are huge like galaxy wide violet superhighway of light. To adapt to the stream is to change form to offer less resistance and deliver more efficiency.

Commander steps onto the bridge of Collective. He heads with focus to the map stand situated at the center of it and studies his surroundings. He sees the ship underneath what it seems like an infinite ocean of shining golden honey. He understands there is nowhere to go but forward. He turns away his attention from the map. He is not excited. He leaves the bridge for his ready room and sits at his desk. After a moment of silence he pulls open the drawer to his right. He grabs his old golden compass exhaling deeply. Here we are, he said, looking into the intricate instrument. He stood up the compass in his right hand heading enthusiastically to the map. He activates the compass to the map and now follows the regions denser with light in this sea of gold. Toward the most light, then, he thought.

Collective is shaped like a torpedo spinning at high velocity. Going through the golden honey ocean takes time and space. It is a discomforting time of joy and healing. Commander sits in his chair with one eye on the compass and one eye on his personal files. He screens them to remember all he is doing throughout Collective. He also feels his healing happening. He knows he plays a role in those stories and he makes sure he acts with honour, compassion and patience in all aspects of his being.

Now, Collective springs out of the ocean and floats with the big ripples toward a red horizon. The top half part of the ship opens above the crew’s head. All can see a fading blue sky and massive dark red dust clouds straight ahead. The ship grows 3 massive parallel sails on each board to cut through the incoming winds of dust. They also provide the forward push from the energy they gather building pressure. More miniature sails head out from the head of the ship, into the storm biting as much as possible into the red sand, pulling the ship forward.

Now Collective leaves the golden honey sea and flies through nothing but fine red dust, warping the cloud through space around itself like a veil.

To lay down one’s arms

I am flying over a vast plain of dry yellow grass. Mikael is standing alone in that field, looking at the horizon. I recognize his energy, it is quite familiar. It feels like it is I who is standing there. I see next, a whole legion of shadow beings calmly walking toward Mikael. He recognizes their energies. He remembers each individual. He sees himself in experiences past fighting them, imprisoning them, smiting them. He feels the strange sensation of Light pushing against Night.

There is a long silence now, in the field, in which I see their memories. I feel their sentiments. They understand the War between them is quite literally Ancient History. Mikael takes a deep breath as the tension of the silence releases. He knows all those walking the same ground as him are his brothers. He can feel Love, birthing for them, in his heart. It resonates in the field of yellow grass and embraces everyone there.

His smiles. He thinks:  this is most exciting!

Xander, Rion and Lilith

Lilith was shining bright in the middle of our Sacred Circle. Xander and Rion entered the circle, walked toward Her like they were being called by an Enchanting Song.

She opened her arms with Joy and greeted them.

They stared in silence.

She invited them closer and reached with both hands, touching them under the jaw with one finger. There was a Great Blast as they grew like sprouts becoming trees but they were Giants, folded on themselves, finally standing straight.

Lilith has a brother.

The two moons appeared in the sky of Eden. A gathering was called in the Green Meadows. Lilith, magnificent in white with black hair covering her back, stands inside the Circle. She smiles in a way we have never known. A mysterious way that is undefinable. Out of knowledge. But we feel her Love. She looks at us like She would something new, sensing every one of our hearts. She is in Joy.

She takes a deep breath and speaks:

– I ask for help. For my brother. I present him to you.

She turns slightly and extend her arm. He appears beneath her hand, lying but floating above the ground. She directs him with the movements of her hand toward the centre of the Circle. The next moment, he is consumed in White Flames. She says:

– « Let him burn.

He is in Peace. He is in Joy. He laughs as we gather.

Let it burn strong. »

The White Flames, with all our focus, grew intensely. We know the importance of this Fire Ceremony yet have no understanding of it.

She turns to the Fire and raises her arms. She moves energies over the flames in a new way we have never known. She moves with great speed and reaches inside her with precision, taking out a piece of her. She shows it off to us witnessing, and throws it in the White Fire. She says:

– « We all take something and destroy it in the White Fire. Let it burn, my Children, let it burn. »

She, is burning with the White Fire.