Reshuffled (part 8)

Raphael explored the Governor's House thoroughly starting with the kitchen. The main room could host a hundred people. Stairs on the left and the right were leading up to rooms. Below the mezzanine was an archway leading to an inner courtyard. A tall, wooden door on the right led to the dining room, another one … Continue reading Reshuffled (part 8)


The song of Lorelei (part 3)

For a brief moment, there was darkness and void. But only for a split second. After that, my consciousness shattered into the cosmos like colourful plasma tubes around me going into infinity in all directions. There were so many Thoughts to explore. So many people I would encounter, interact with, evolve with. Not just people … Continue reading The song of Lorelei (part 3)

In service to you

Contact me at to share your experiences with out of body experiences and with Angelic Spirits in your life. Or schedule a 1 hour Soul Reading Session including an analysis of your name in Eh'k'entoo, a powerful Light Language for 44$ USD . I am honored to be in your presence, Blessings. Madame Pam