The Angels and I

I talk with Spirit. I receive images, sounds, words and feelings from the energy all around us trying to communicate to support our lives. I have been in contact with Spirit since I was a young girl. I only now understand that when I speak to others about what I see, it changes something for them.

The overall feeling of this year of 2019 is that Angel Michael and Lucifer are making Peace here on Earth. It is the only place they could really talk without all the interference of their opposite natures. Earth is the Head Quarter for the next phase of the Heavenly Father’s Plan for our Universe. Light and Dark, Good and Bad finally stopped fighting and are now simply letting each other be. Earth is now a Holy Sanctuary.

How does that express in your own life? Do you feel it is now time to put aside the Jedis and the Siths to embrace the countless shades of gray?