Mikaël’s Confession

I returned home finally after eons serving my mission in Duality. I received the greatest welcome, I felt the Love I had forgotten. I really did forget. I readied myself to be in the presence of our Father. He remained silent. The family was silent. The First Son had come back and they waited his first words. I felt the waves of anger and sadness wash uncontrollably over me. I could not remember why I accepted this mission. I could not remember why this mission was necessary. Why? I yelled. Why send us there? Why the suffering? Was all this worth it? I was only thinking of my brothers, many still asleep. How could I have accepted such a fate for them. Me, their protector.

Then, it was revealed to me. I saw all my brothers. All the Divine Family reunited. All of Us. Magnificent sparks of light with radiant smiles. And Father in all its magnificence. I cried. I fell to my knees, my breath taken away by the love I felt and the beauty I saw. Somehow, our ordeal had made us all more grand. So much more grand then when I left.

I remembered the why. Father willed the next phase of his unfoldment into creation. His architects calculated and planned but no one could have known the unknown but Father. Yet He remained Silent. As we witnessed the vastness of the darkness that was created by Duality, we looked at each other. Father remained silent. No one could have known about the Dark Ones and the depth of the destruction and of the suffering they would leave in their wake. Yet Father remained Silent. No one could have known the devotion our Family would show to dive again and again until the Dark Ones would be reunited with us or annihilated. Now Father smiles. He knew then what we know now. Our success was assured. Our suffering transformed our Father into something even more Magnificent. No one could have known that such a thing could come to be.

Gabriel is here.

Mikaël stood in the core of Mother’s heart, his hands and feet firmly planted inside a crystalline structure. He lit the space with soft yellow light while thinking of his Queen in Eden. Mikaël anchored himself.

His Strong Will was filling the Space with heavy light fog. In the purple sky above him flew out of the clouds his brother entering in force and grace into the space He held. It was Gabriel. Compassion arriving just in Time.

Finally face to face, they held their fists and smiled. At last, my brother. How I have missed you. Said Mikaël.

And I you. Gabriel held him. And I you.


Mikaël and the magick Shield

Mikaël was pulled to the heavens as a special guest. There was a gathering in his name. A male human of silver light stepped before him offering a silver shield. A strong Wizard wearing a long and dark purple robe, faced his hand to the shield. Complex geometry burned into the surface. A thin and quick Egyptian priest wearing blue and red engraved the back of the shield with two Horus eyes.

Mikaël took the shield on his back and continued his path to the light, thankful and in joy. On the other side he was welcomed by the giants of the Light. They offered him a ring they placed on the fourth finger of his right hand. They activated the shield that flew and spinned over his head then rapidly and steadily around him. At last, it locked protecting his back as the Giants sat him on a Throne. A golden beam of light activated from the shield through his sacred heart than headed upward. A golden crown of light flew out and balanced over his head. It started spinning.

The space above him opened. Mother and Father smiled and waved from the other side. So were all his brothers and all legions of light cheering his return.

( Here is the meditation by Anrita Melchizedec that inspired this particular vision.)

Mikaël’s Recharge

Mikaël appeared before his Father on one knee, bowing his head. Father was a great disc of golden liquid light into which Mikaël plunged his fists. Wings appeared behind him slowly flowing like a soft breeze of white golden dust. Father then invited him in. Mikaël stood up and stepped in the Golden Disk.


The Other Women

I am a lonesome woman. I was pushed away by my family because of my defiance of the rules of Man. Man have owned me for centuries. They made me the slave of their disgusting appetites. They are the architect of the tragedies of my lives. For every 10 lives that I live in submission, I live one in absolute rebelion.

I have visions of a pack of women running in the low lands at dusk, a blade in their hand.

I am a beautiful woman dancing in a tent full of silk and cushions in the desert. I play the strings. I pray with a veil on my head. I have a knife on my right thigh. I hold it in my hand when I sleep. I used it many times. I put it under the jaws of those who are spellbound by my charms and become like rabid animals to be put down.

I see a lady, daughter of a rich and powerful family. She is desperatly in love with her brother. One day, she seduces him. I see her screaming in agony in the middle of the sheets on a bed when she realizes she destroyed everything. There was no one else in her world. Why was she so obsessed with him?

I am a young woman in a bath in the middle of a grand but dark ballroom with candles around me. I did something I am very satisfied with. I am content. I relax, rest my head. But a feeling creeps in slowly. I feel something is wrong. I cannot move anymore. I do not panic, I am shocked. It’s too late now. Behind me, my mother runs through the gallery to reach the bath tub. She pulls me out of the water by my armpits. I am heavy. I cannot help her. When the water receides, I feel I am bleeding out from my uterus. I know I did that to myself. I killed a child I bore and killed myself as well. I die in the arms of my mother.

The witch I am lives alone and hidden in the woods. The animals, the sun, the moon and the stars are my very best friend. I talk to them and they answer back. Every life is precious but for the man’s. They can rot for all I care.

The Mothership Chronicles part 2

I woke up in my room on the ship. It was a nice dark blue. I was lying on my bed. My heart Crystal was still on the floor, lighting the room with Mandalas. I took the crystal back into my heart space. I sat on the couch and stared at the galaxy displayed on the walls. I lost myself a moment in the stars. I came back and turned my head to realize four people were sitting silently on the couch with me. I had a boost in energy, sat straight and looked at them. I said:

Do you have questions for me? The first said:

– What was it like?

I answered it was like living the same dream or nightmare every day. The second said:

– How do you feel?

I answered:

– Confused. Tired.

The third said:

– What now?

I thought I wished to be alone. The fourth must have felt it because he said:

– Let’s take you to the garden.

I accepted. We stood up, I held on to hands like a child would his parents. The door lifted open. The light on the other side blinded me for a moment. We were on a passageway running around the level. There were many levels above and below. From the passageway, I could see all levels. There were many people walking around. We took an elevator and exited in the garden. I could only see immediately around me. The rest was foggy. There was greens and blues. I felt drawn to the sound of water. I walked almost with my eyes closed. I found a small waterfall. I stepped into the water, I rested under the water fall. I stretched my arms above my head. My fingers found a cave above the small waterfall. I pulled myself up easily and sat in the water flowing down from the cave. My four companions found me and smiled. They said from the ground:

– You know exactly what you are doing.

I looked around and hiding behind a rock was a little pixie with pink wings. She jumped on my knee, walked on my hand. I smiled, I felt I was home. I felt I had put her there for safekeeping. Three others came one yellow, one green, one blue. They stood in line on my right hand. I lost consciousness again.

I woke up I was in my room still staring at the stars of the galaxy. I turned my head to see someone beside me with a strong male energy. I knew him. He was the only one I wanted to be with since I awoke. We stayed in silence both staring at the stars. I felt angry suddenly. Then I felt sad. Both very strong emotions washing over me. He held my hand and I rested my head on his shoulder. I was lost in my thoughts and confused when he said:

– Let’s go to the bridge.

I was thrilled but could not express it. I held onto him to get out of the room. I felt weak. We took the elevator way down all levels. I felt strength again by only entering the bridge. Nobody was disturbed by my presence. There were many consoles. Many crewmen attending them. I climbed the stairs to my right leading to a mezzanine overseeing the bridge. I stood there proud. I also felt overwhelmed. I fell on my knees and rested my forehead on the ground. While praying and thanking, I lost myself again in the moment. I regained consciousness I was in the same position in the same place. I felt energized. I stood up, took a good look around. I asked where we were. I was answered we were just outside the earth’s atmosphere. I could see the blue marble from where we were. I turned to speak to my male companion and said I was ready for my debriefing. He seemed surprised. We took the elevator and the door opened on a conference room where seven people sat waiting for me. I remained standing with my companion by my side. I said:

– What is my mission?

– To hold the space. It is the most crucial part of the mission.

– Have I succeeded?

– Yes.

It is hard to stay focus before a council. I cannot yet remain in that state for more than a moment. I was tired from this exercise, it was enough. I wanted to be left alone with my companion. We visited the engineering room. I only saw a fraction of it. I saw an Emerald green energy being harvested in a clear tank. Many other forms of energy were also harvested here. It all felt very stable. We left the Engineering, walked on a large passageway overlooking a training ground. There were a regiment of disciplined, strong individuals reacting as one. I said:

– Hey guys!

They shouted, raised their arms and cheered me. I was happy. I felt all the people on the ship knew me. How could I ever forget this place?

Mikaël and his Family

Mikaël crouched and jumped up through all roofs to reach Heaven. He landed on a terrace made of white marble attached to the side of a cliff by the sea. An orange sun was setting. He had white feathered wings. His brothers were there, six of them. They hugged, smiled, kissed their forehead. They rejoiced. All at once, they jumped high to reach the highest tower of the White Crystaline Cathedral overseeing the sea. They kneeled in what seemed like a small chapel in an attic, a crystal suspended and rotating over their head. They said:

– Father.

And Father said: Son

Mikaël wished he was alone with Him. So he was. But in front of him, it was Mother who was standing, smiling. She looked human. She had brown, wavy hair and a white dress.

– You don’t call on me often. She said.

– I know. He said. I love you in a different way.

He stayed kneeled in humility and love. He took her hands to his heart. Bless me, he said. He filled up full of light. He jumped high into the blue sky, glided and admired the orange sun. He rocketed into space and saw blue Gaia in front of him. He headed for her, his six brothers with him, three on each sides. They flew in formation, leaving white light ribbons behind them. They did acrobatic figures wrapping the earth with bands of angelic light.

The Mothership Chronicles part 1

I wanted to visit the mothership for a while now.

I decided to actively meditate and reach it with my consciousness. This chronicle is the story of four of those active meditations.

I was brought into space. Straight ahead was a tunnel of epic proportions. I entered what was like an umbilical cord curving to starboard. It was clearly mechanical. The walls were rings placed beside each other made from a light green material. The inside of the tunnel was well lit with soft green-white light. It was huge. My ship was alone and tiny in the middle of that passageway. At the end was a white wall and what I would call an airlock. It opened like the petals of a daisy. It felt very organic. I entered slowly.

I was surprised by what I saw next. The ship was not what I thought. On the other side of the airlock, I was not in Space anymore. I was looking from afar at a circular tower with many layers of multicolored light standing in the middle of a black vastness. I did not understand. Then I felt a male presence. He was accompanying me on my tour. Through him, I understood this was a multi-dimensional Mothership. I felt I could move on to see more but it was enough for me. I said:

“Just let me admire this for a while”.

I looked at the brilliant colors against the black background. I stared in silence.

I was suddenly brought somewhere else. I opened my eyes with difficulty. I was lying on a bed in the Mothership, the physical version of it. I was in a square and mostly empty room made from the same light green material as the tunnel. It was dark. The door slided open by me looking at it. I stood up but couldn’t quite keep my balance. My eyes were heavy and closing.

I opened them again as I was walking down a corridor. Someone was holding my left arm and guiding me, supporting me. The corridor was narrow. I passed close by humanoid creatures with pale blue skin, big round eyes and very small jaw. They looked surprised and excited. I heard: She/He is awake! I could not keep my eyes open for much longer.

I woke up again sitting on a table in an infirmary, my face in my hands. I said: I am confused. I am tired. I don’t remember. A voice answered: Understandable.

I stood up, laid my feet upon the floor, my back facing the person with me in the med bay. I looked at my feet, I looked at my hands. They were pale white. As a reflex, I pulled my hair up and a mechanical device exited my skull, held my hair in place. I was stunned. Was I a robot? I turned slowly to look at the person with me in the room but there was fear in my heart. I didn’t really want to see. My sight changed in that moment. I saw only a dark humanoid form against a blue background. This was less scary for me. The form approached, took my hands and kissed them with kindness. I knew she looked straight into my eyes. I could feel she was happy I was awake but then I slipped out of consciousness again.

I opened my eyes, I was sitting at a table in a Hall, a meal before me. There were many tables and many people. The person from the med bay was sitting in front of me, a little to my left. I looked at my plate and said:

– “I am really not feeling like eating.”

I stood up and walked to the windows surrounding the Hall. I looked at the stars and felt a longing.

– “ Let’s go outside.” I said with a heavy heart.

She took my hand with a joyful smile and we ran through the ship in haste. I could only see the blue walls of the corridors and the staring eyes of the crewmen we passed by. She took me to the hangar. It was a huge space at the end of which was half a transparent bubble leading out to space. We ran among the vehicles to the edge of the bubble where there was a small grey utility craft. She said:

– “ This ship is always ready for your use”.

I sat at the driver seat and took it for a ride. We flew through the bubble out into space. I felt excited. I did all kinds of acrobatic figures to put the craft to the test and I loved it. It was perfect. It had a great manoeuvrability. Then I felt compelled to steer starboard and head for the dark hole in space right beside the Mothership. I know now, those are wormholes. Then, I lost consciousness again.

I opened my eyes, I was lying on a bed in the back of the small craft. I said:

– “ What happened?”

My friend was at the controls and answered:

– “ You fell out of consciousness while driving through the wormhole. We are going back to the Ship.”

I felt she was worried. I stood up and told her to wait. I asked repeatedly where we were. I looked frantically out the portholes and I saw our Galaxy. It was beautiful. We were just outside of it. It was the most beautiful view I had ever seen in my visions. The Milky Way was shining bright white. I kept that sight in my heart as I lost consciousness again.

I woke up in a bedroom sitting on a couch, a bed on my left and a door in front of me. The walls, the floor and the fabric of the couch were the same calming dark blue. The exact image of the galaxy I just saw was projected on the main walls. I felt calm and secure. In that safe place, I reached into my heart and pulled a soft blue jewel shaped like a tear. I layed it on the floor and it lighted the room with complex mandalas of white lacework. This was now my safe space, the place I would always return to.

The Guardians We are

Dedicated to Mandy

Dear Brothers,

This is Mikaël.

I felt just now a wave of confusion washing over us. It is very good news to me! I could feel the lot of us for the first time since I can remember. Know that I feel as you do. Be comforted in knowing all Guardians feel the same in this moment. The thing is, we were scattered all around this planet to keep the New Grid of Consciousness alive and buzzing and we have done so. The grid do not need us to thrive anymore, it took a life of its own. That mission is over. That is what you felt.

All that is left for us is to meet at long last.

HQ is sending us now our map to the Gathering Point. It is a long journey, I must admit but we came from so far. Since we are Guardians, it is through our intuition, our instincts and our heart that we will find the path back to each other. You may have been alone on your last assignment but not on this new one. That is what the Guardians are.

We are a band of brothers. We are adventurers, curious and excited. We are satisfied only when the odds are against us. Together, we run to battle yelling. We are called to the unknown.  We meet all challenges.

We honour warriors and healers alike. We dance with Shamans and cry with Gaia whom we love so much. We train, we travel and we study. We were taught by the grandest masters. They know who we are. They know we are heroes of the galaxies. They know no others could have prevailed. We were protected by the strongest of forces; ourselves.

We left heaven for this place a long time ago. Let me assure you that Heaven has not been the same without us. How could it? All mighty heroes of the Galaxies are here.

It is a terrible thing not to remember, I can feel it too but no worries, the faith you feel is real. Father listens. He smiles. Let him tell you your own secrets.

Trust Him.

It is now time to train again. Train to hear your intuition and to follow its council. We know what it is to feel the truth in our heart and not to act on it.

This cannot be anymore. Trust your gut and be rewarded.

When you trust in you, you trust in us.

Brothers, this is our new assignment: Trust your gut. Be courageous once more. We will be put to the test every moment of now. Be grateful we will finally awake to our full consciousness and remember how heroic we really are.

Brothers, let me end this transmission by saying I feel your presence beside me. I remember the complete faith we have in each other.

Father, I am here. Give us the miracle we seek to open our eyes to the truth. Amen.

Traveling to another Dimension

At one point in my meditations, I received an upgrade. The Orbital Station I had built in my dreams doubled in size and another type of ship appeared at the docking bay. It was sleek and of a different conception altogether. My Mechanic was jumping up and down for a chance to take the new ship out so we did. I let her pilot and sat in the passenger seat. She said:

“There is something I want to show you”.

She pushed a lever and we were immediately propelled forward at great speed. The stars disappeared. I could see only white, blue or yellow lines in space. I realized that I had never traveled at this speed. I had no idea where we would end up but it surely would be incredibly far from where we were. Shortly after, she pulled the lever and our craft stopped. I stood up in the cockpit to admire an amazing sight. We were over a sea of dark purple and dark blue clouds stretching in all directions. Before us was a sort of storm in Space. The Dark Clouds were forming thin blue and purple twisters starting in the sea of dust below us and reaching up into Space. It looked like tentacles moving erratically. Like lightnings shooting upward and dancing with each other. I felt this was the most massive phenomena I had witnessed. We were not in my neighborhood anymore. We had reached another dimension or maybe a part of Space closer to Creation. A place of immense power that is for sure. I knew how small I was by being here.

I smiled at my Pilot and thanked her for this magnificent experience that I would remember always. We swapped places and I activated the lever. She asked me where we were going and I said I had no idea. We laughed. I decided on a random course and was admiring the shape space took around our ship, cruising at that speed. Then, we saw a circle made of small lights as big as our ship over us and getting closer. We were not alone here and we were being boarded. I thought to myself that we should not travel again at those speeds without knowing exactly where we were going.

I was beamed up into what seemed to me like a very odd ship. The room I was in was decorated like the Office of a prosper CEO. Blue carpet on the floor and comfy matching sofas. There were square windows on the wall. I stood there calmly until a Lizard type creature, very large and 1 ½ my height approached. He was wearing a black and white Suit and Tie. I thought to myself:

“How odd.”

He made me follow him to an office down the corridor. The style of the room was similar to the lobby. There was a big rectangular desk and a similar Lizard Type Creature was sitting behind it. He was wearing the same attire. I smiled and I laughed. I couldn’t help myself. I thought: “Why would you wear that?” I had no ill-intentions. They seemed to me like beautiful creatures. I just could not understand why they would do that to themselves. They looked so silly. Then, the Boss behind the desk stood in front of me. He was angry. His eyes were trying to penetrate my mind. I was not afraid. I calmed myself and showed respect instead. The next moment, I was back on-board my ship ready to go back home.