I AM your brother Mikael. I wish to express to you, my beloved family, what my consciousness has been up to during this intense 11.11 Star Gate of the year 1 of the New Golden Era. I most enjoy traveling the Cosmos and all of Creation in Light Body. In that state, I perceive the … Continue reading 1.11.11.


The longing for the Beloved

Mikaël stands before his Father, in the Great Central Sun. All of his brothers behind him. Father, he says, I am here. -My Son. How are you? -Well... you know... They laughed together with hearts. Michael sighed and looked away. There is a longing in Mikaël’s heart that can not be filled. It is the … Continue reading The longing for the Beloved

Mikaël’s Recharge

Mikaël appeared before his Father on one knee, bowing his head. Father was a great disc of golden liquid light into which Mikaël plunged his fists. Wings appeared behind him slowly flowing like a soft breeze of white golden dust. Father then invited him in. Mikaël stood up and stepped in the Golden Disk.