The Dimensional Well

There is a vision that presents itself when I am bathing in healing energies, when I am releasing shadow selves, when I am letting go of darkness inside me. I am at the bottom of a shaft, a well made with rings of a complex grey material. It is gigantic in size and seems like … Continue reading The Dimensional Well



Mikaël takes a breath. He just opened his eyes from a reboot. Oh, those! They are protocols including a shut down and a restart of the power influx necessary to activate new programs. It is uncomfortable to say the least and  it takes a certain period to adapt to them. He sits in the locker … Continue reading Reboot

Mikaël’s Recharge

Mikaël appeared before his Father on one knee, bowing his head. Father was a great disc of golden liquid light into which Mikaël plunged his fists. Wings appeared behind him slowly flowing like a soft breeze of white golden dust. Father then invited him in. Mikaël stood up and stepped in the Golden Disk.  

Les détails de notre Mission sur Gaia

Mes amis, Vous et moi sommes amis depuis bien longtemps. Nous avons bâti des mondes ensemble, fabuleux et regorgeant de merveilles. Nous avons voyagé à travers le cosmos pour témoigner de phénomènes étourdissants de beauté. Nous pouvions voir et entendre la panoplie de rayons cosmiques filer dans toutes les directions et s’unir enfin au cœur … Continue reading Les détails de notre Mission sur Gaia